Lagom is a Swedish word that roughly translates in this context to “meh, that’ll do.” I’ve been swimming a lot with a really long swim coming up this weekend and today the objective was to just cruise and see my friends. Luckily the front end of the workout was kick heavy which gave me a chance to talk while floating along with my kickboard :)


Repeat x 3
4 x 50 kick w/ fins @ 1:00
100 fast @ 1:30

3 x 100 swim @ 1:30
50 fast

go to back work…

1850 yards total

It wasn’t a whole lot of swimming, but the 4 x 50 plus a fast 100 set got my heartrate up plenty which makes it worth going. Once we got to the end of the workout I think the idea was to do that set 2 or 3 times through, I just did the first one and then made moves back towards the office. I probably could have squeezed out a little more but my shoulders were a little creaky and I was pretty much done for the day.

Not sure if I’m going to get wet tomorrow, but I will be setting a course for LA. I’m swimming with my buddy Cliff from Colorado with Beth Barnes as our guide on Saturday morning. We’re aiming for a lot of hours in the water so that should be exciting!

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