It always seems to take a few days for a long swim to really catch up with me. This morning I woke up super hungry and sore as hell. Not like bad joint destruction sore, but the better I-just-hurt-because-I-did-too-much sore. I solved problem number one with an egg McMuffin, problem number two proved a little harder. I wasn’t feeling so fantastic at the office. Luckily this was a lunchtime swim day so I had a chance to stretch out in the water.

The weather was nice today and the water felt really good. As an added bonus Christy was there! I haven’t seen her at the pool in forever so that was super awesome. Overall we had a decent sized group, but enough lanes that no one had to circle.

After swimming a bit in the warm up I decided that today was going to basically be a big kick set. My shoulders earned a day off but I still needed to work off that McMuffin :)

200 swim
200 kick
200 swim

12 x 50 kick w/ fins

Repeat x 2
100 kick
8 x 50 kick
100 swim

2400 yards total

I put fins on for the first set and they pretty much never came off until the end of the workout. Yeah it’s kinda cheating, but like I told everybody else as I motored around “I have excuses!” :) I was splitting a lane with Kelly and she tossed fins on intermittently as well so at least I had cheater company, haha

I’ll be back in the ocean tomorrow night enjoying the last few days of my 20′s… I turn 30 on Saturday… yikes :o

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