Dani decided that her beach of choice today would be Pismo on the South side of the pier so that’s where Boogie Monday was this week. I went out to the same spot on Friday and it was kinda weak and messy, today was a lot better. Cleaner waves and I got way more rides.

We met up at the beach around 5:45, I drove over and she walked in from her place. The water was pretty cold, Surfline says 52 and it felt pretty on point to me. Fun side note, the buoy up in Avila hasn’t gone over 50.0 yet this month! Wednesday should be exciting :o Anyways… we waded out and with Pismo being super shallow I had to throw myself in eventually just to get all the way wet. I hate that part… I’m golden once it happens, but making myself do it is really hard!

The current today was nowhere near as strong as Friday, but it was still there. We had to pause and kick back towards the pier every once and a while to stay where we wanted to be.

Throughout our hour in the water I managed to find some good waves and had some really fun drop ins. A lot of the waves required a major lean forward from me to fall down the face of the wave and actually surf it as opposed to sliding down the back. I’m definitely enjoying having my camera back and took plenty of pictures and some POV video from the front of my board!

My Santa Maria pool is closed tomorrow so I think I’m going to try and hit my SLO pool tomorrow night… we’ll see how it goes… I need to start upping my yardage right now, various marathons await! :)

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