Saturday is the big day! Tomorrow afternoon we (my Distance Swim Challenge peer pressure buddy Bekah is swimming too!) drive up to Monterey to meet part of the team and then carry on to Santa Cruz to meet up with everyone else. From there we hop on the boat to get this party underway! Our first swimmer will hit the water after dark and we’ll swim through the night with our sights, or at least compass bearings, set on Del Monte Beach in Monterey!

I set up an experimental page for you guys to check up on our location during the swim. No promises that it’s going to work completely as advertised, but I think I’ve got it most of the way dialed in… go to to check it out.

I’m super stoked that I found my way onto a relay team getting ready to take on the length of the Monterey Bay. A major thank you to my Kelp Krawler friend Chris for throwing my name in the running for a spot! This is such a rad opportunity for me to preview a swim I really want to do as a soloist someday when I grow up. I’ll try to post Twitter and Facebook updates best I can during the swim but I don’t know what the cell phone situation is out in the middle of the bay so we’ll see what gets through.

3 Responses to “24 Hours Until We Swim Monterey Bay!”

  1. Evan says:

    Good luck Rob, and have fun! I was reading somewhere that the Monterey submarine canyon is equivalent in scale to the Grand Canyon. You’re passing over only a small part of it but it’s still like, what, 3000 feet deep there?

  2. Katie says:

    Rooting for you! The map makes me jealous (if I don’t think too much about the water temps).

  3. Bekah's Mom says:

    Looking forward to the updates. This is an exciting adventure for all of you!