Talk about timing… I hung out in Avila yesterday and I have plans to swim there tomorrow after work, but TODAY a whale decides to come cruise the pier! I saw a picture on Facebook posted by KSBY, but I don’t know who actually took the picture to attribute it appropriately. How rad is that though… I swim right there all the time! The row of buoys is where I set myself up to do my Chief Shark Officer application video, and the white spot a little further towards shore is part of the buoy line. Hopefully my cetacean friend is doing ok because that’s only about 20 feet of water and it’s probably not an ideal place for a giant sea creature to hang out, and hopefully someday I get to share some water with one of these guys while out for a swim. I’ll probably die of a heart attack when I see something that big in the water, but in theory it would be wonderful and magical :)

So while all that was going on I was in Santa Maria, in a pool… boo :p I guess it wasn’t so bad though, it’s outdoors and the sun was shining. We had a fair amount of wind, but once you’re underwater that doesn’t really matter much. I was joined by one other masterly person and she had a bucket full of workouts. We recycled one from a couple weeks ago.


400 swim
8 x 50 kick @ 1:10
4 x 100 IM

Repeat x 3 all with fins
100 fly drill @ 1:30
50 easy at :45
3 x 50 feast @ 1:00 (r1 fly, r2 & 3 free)

2 x 75 free

run back to work…

2250 yards total

It was a pretty decent swim, Kelly and I were around a similar pace which made it a good pairing. I felt a lot better in the water today than I have in the pool for a while, hopefully I can hang onto that feeling!

Tomorrow I have plans to go hit the beach and swim with one of the guys… I’m looking forward to the end of the week and some cold salt water!

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