57 degrees! How did we get so lucky to have such piping hot water? :) I met Niel down by the ocean today and things were looking pretty good. The weather was nice and the water had a few bigger waves rolling through but looked good. I was running a little late and tried to get into a suit as fast as I could while we caught up on the last week. Niel came with a route in mind, we’d get in on the west side of the pier, swim to the buoy then cut over to the Poly Pier. From there it’d be across to the top of the Avila and back down the east side of it. It’s about a 2.5km route.

Getting in the water on the west side we were greeted by a set of smallish waves while I was getting acclimated. Even though 57 is pretty warm for me at this point it still takes me a minute to get my body ready for it. When I was like 3/4 of the way there the waves started growing. Eventually Niel saw enough of a break to swim out, I followed a few waves later.

We met at the one buoy left on the west side and proceeded to figure out how to sight on the cross bracing in the Poly Pier through the sun’s glare. I picked a point in the mountains behind the port to guide me since I couldn’t really even see the pier. On the swim there we could really feel the swells rolling underneath us. They were in a hurry to get to the beach!

About half way out Niel stopped to ask me if the water tasted weird to me too, like not salty. I hadn’t been thinking about it but he was totally right. The water down here past the mouth of the creek was brackish at best… while stopped talking some chop landed in my mouth and I didn’t even gag. Totally weird. Anyways, we kept swimming out to the pier. We passed through a lot of changes in temperature on the way, odd things are afoot in the ocean apparently.

The swim to the top of the Avila Pier was the hardest leg today. The swells/wind/chop were all moving in a such a way that we had to work a little harder to get where we were going. I kind of like that though, it feels like my pull is connecting with the water a lot more… like it’s more solid. Plus it’s just fun to get tossed around a little bit :)

At the end of the Avila Pier we were both smiling and in a pretty good mood. This was a good swim. Now we just had to swim the 500m or so back to the beach in the shadow of the pier with the swells racing in behind us.

I stopped where the waves were breaking just to mess around and try to get some cool pictured of big waves. They had grown to maybe like 5 feet and I got washing-machined a few times in the name of art :) Once my battery started running low I put the camera away and looked for a wave to ride in. Unfortunately it just wasn’t going to happen, they were moving way too fast to get a piece of without fins on. You’d either end up under the breaking wave or sliding down the back of it. If this keeps up tomorrow maybe I should take a board out to Avila instead of going to Santa Maria for a pool workout, hmmmm… either way I’ll be getting wet somewhere tomorrow.

2 Responses to ““Warm” Water Wednesday!”

  1. Brendan says:

    Rob, You are something else, man! When I grow up I want to be like you! I love those two wave pictures. Where are the surfers up there? Is the area not suitable for surfing?

  2. Rob D says:

    Brendan, thanks dude :) Avila isn’t really a surf spot. Although it does get some nicely formed waves when the swell is pushing the right direction, they tend to break all at once and not give you anywhere to go. People bring their kids out there to learn to surf sometimes when the waves are small though