I was pressed for time this afternoon, kinda the theme of my weekdays recently, but I had to get to the pool because I had something new and fun to try out… today in my bag I had anĀ H2O Audio Interval iPod Case for a 4th Generation Shuffle! H20 Audio sent me the case a little while ago and I finally got around to buying the newest version of the Shuffle last night. My experience with the 2nd generation Interval was ok but not great, so far this is doing way better. It’s shaped better to fit your goggles and contour to your head. They also sent me the Pro Fit Kit which has a bunch of different ear bud options. This was a very good call. There’s 9 different styles and sizes in there to complement the 5 sizes you get stock with the Interval case. I found a “tree tip” style cover that did a really good job of staying stuck inside my head while swimming.

Before I left my office to go swim I got everything set up, picked the playlist I wanted running while swimming, put on the ear buds, locked it shut and tossed it in my bag. At the pool I attached it to my goggles and was impressed with the system they have for it. They’ve gotten way smarter with how they do these things. I put the ear buds in real deep so I wouldn’t lose them and took off swimming. No major leaks, nothing fell out, so far so good. I did all four strokes with it and sprinted a couple 50s without dislodging anything. Obviously I need to do more swimming with it to see how well it really does over time, but so far it’s doing much better than the previous Interval case I bought back in 2009.

In terms of actual swimming I didn’t do much. Maybe 1500 yards. I had some calls to make at lunch, and until they make an underwater bluetooth swim helmet I need to do these things on dry land.

In other news… as one gadget comes into my life another goes away… I’m sending my Panasonic Lumix in for warranty replacement. It still works, but there’s some moisture inside the lens that fogs up pretty much only when I want to use it which is handy… boo. I get a big fog blob in all my pictures so it was time to go. So yet again I’m left camera-less and you guys are probably going to start getting some Rob D. swim art the next week or so :)

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