I was all excited to go swim a mile or two tonight out at Avila but around 4pm I saw a post online from one of the local news sites that a possible 1000ish gallon sewage spill resulted in beach closures through out the Avila/Port San Luis area… boo… a pipe burst somewhere between the Poly Pier and the creek and the excitement contained within said pipe made it’s way to the sea. There’s a chance what was leaking was potable water, they had people out testing it after it happened, but in the meantime we’ll just assume it was the bad stuff. I’m hoping they let people back in tomorrow.

Since my first beach of choice was closed I turned my sights towards Pismo instead. I had my bodyboard in the truck and some board shorts in my swim bag so I changed at the office and drove straight down to the beach. It was pretty nice out but the wind was building. I set up my beach chair, piled up my shirt and towel, then marched off into the water… it’s worth noting that my Lumix came back from warrantyland today! I have waterproof picture taking powers yet again! I feel much better :)

The walk out was pretty frosty and since Pismo is so shallow eventually you just have to toss yourself in. The waves were a mess… mushy, blown out and breaking in all directions. Not too many people were out but there were a couple good surfers tearing it up over next to the pier so I figured it couldn’t be all bad. I kicked out looking for a good spot to set up and it didn’t go so hot. I spent so much time looking outward and ducking under waves that I didn’t notice how hard the current was pushing south. I probably finished my session like a quarter mile down from where I started!

While out there I found a handful of waves. Most were pretty weak but I did have one real good one where I got to go real fast and cut left into it as the lip broke behind me. I mainly just duck dived the whole time however, which I guess is kinda fun too :)

After about 45 minutes I called it a day and took the long walk back to my chair which had blown over at this point. Luckily my other stuff was blown into the chair as opposed to down the beach! I dried off and watched the water for a while and readied myself for the rest of my workout for the day… furniture moving… I helped my mom move stuff this morning which mysteriously resulted in me having more furniture in my house. I moved it all back and forth and up and down stairs by myself this evening. I guess this alternative dryland training makes up for the lost swim :)

2 Responses to “Poo Related Change of Plans”

  1. Evan says:

    This is the best title in the history of the Rob Aquatics Swim Blog. IMHO.

  2. Rob D says:

    haha, thanks buddy :)