So normally my posts are pretty timely… I swim, I post. Same day, like clockwork. Well after Sunday’s swim I kinda took an epic midday nap that lasted about 13 hours… when I woke up at 4:45am I thought, hey I’ll write yesterday’s blog now… not so fast! My internet was down, crap. Well I got that all resolved last night once I got home from boogie boarding so you all get 2 posts mashed into one for the same everyday low price of free dollars :)

I split the house pretty early on Easter to hit the beach before other people started to venture out. I wanted a good parking spot and to enjoy the beach without a lot of people on it for a while and maybe take some pictures and body surf if there were waves. I packed up all my regular stuff including my Owle Bubo since I’m still down a camera while I wait for the magic of warranty replacement to work. The Owle Bubo is a crazy case attachment thing for an iPhone that has real lenses on it to let you take much nicer pictures than a phone should be capable of. The only other person I know of that has one is Glenn over at Go Swim, he’s a fan too.

Anyways, I got in the truck and the drive to the beach wasn’t too promising. It was wet at my house and rained on the way to Avila. It slowed down into a mist as I wound down the road from the freeway to the beach, but you could tell it wasn’t going to be a particularly beautiful and warm day.

The surf was pretty nonexistent so I wandered the beach and took pictures. I walked the whole length of the beach and poked around under the pier a bit looking at the anemones and other things exposed by the low tide. While I was out the Pale Kai Hawaiian Outrigger folks were getting ready to launch their boats. I’ve been seeing them a lot recently. Since I had a lot of time to kill and no waves to surf I went to the Custom House for breakfast.

After breakfast I ran into Sylvia and her friend Yvonne who had plans for an early swim to get Yvonne ready for an Alcatraz excursion she has planned sometime soon. Not too long after that we were joined for a while by Pete K. out on a walk with his dog. Eventually the ladies had to hit the water and I stayed up on the sidewalk with Pete for a while until he had to split an finish his walk.

We had a decent group swimming on Sunday, besides me we had Niel, Chad, Monte from the valley (and a member of my lost at sea SUP adventure last year), and Conner who is a triathlete from Poly out for his first swim with us. We decided to swim the big triangle to give us a little more than a mile in the water. It was supposedly 55ish and there was a little chop to contend with.

On the way down towards the point we figured out the new kid was pretty fast but there was a lot we could teach him about open water. Turns out things like sighting and going in a straight line in chop aren’t things you’re born with… hell some people never figure them out but they keep swimming anyways :) On the way up to the top of the pier and out to the phantom creek buoy the chop intensified a bit. It wasn’t real big but it was persistent.

We finished up by swimming back towards and then under the pier. At the end of the swim three of us hung out in the surf looking for a wave to ride in, but the first few that rolled through we weren’t quite in the right spot… we swam further forward to where you could just barely put a foot down and waited for the next wave… it was a good one! I think all 3 of us got a piece of it! I got a really good ride out of it, and took it most of the way back to the beach. I got tumbled at the end pretty well though and the ocean claimed my swim cap in exchange for the ride. Luckily I grabbed my goggles and GPS before it claimed those too! A free cap I don’t mind sacrificing to the sea, but $300+ worth of technology is a bit much :)

Fast forward to Monday night and Boogie Monday! Dani and I ventured back out to Avila for our weekly program of boogie boarding away the stress and not-so-fun-ness of Monday :) The water felt pretty decent, maybe 54, and we had some ok waves although they were pretty spaced out and moving fast. Even with fins on I really had to kick and lean down into waves to catch them. Dani was out there just barefoot and kept sliding down the back of waves because they were moving just a touch too fast.

I got some ok rides in and worked on trying to spin in a circle while riding into the beach. I managed to do 1 real complete spin right in front of Dani. I asked excitedly “so it looked awesome right?” she smiled politely… so I asked a little less excitedly ” I just looked like a goofy fat old guy trying to spin in a circle huh?” Judging by the extended laughing that followed it that was probably closer to the truth… whatever, I thought it was cool :p

We stayed in for a pretty long time and I got to surf a pretty good number of waves, it made my Monday substantially better :)


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