I just got wind of this today from a Monterey Kelp Krawler friend… how rad would that be? San Luis Obispo county would be an awesome spot for an Ironman Triathlon. We have Avila Beach as the perfect swim arena for a 2.4 mile swim, they could do¬†“the Martini” to get the distance in with one loop. The cycling here is world class and epically beautiful, and if you’re going to run a Marathon it might as well be along the coast with sea air and an ocean view!

The article from Cal Coast News alludes to a swim from Avila to Pismo, but that’s probably a major misunderstanding seeing as that’s closer to 7 miles than 2.4. Also a full Ironman worth of swimmers along that Shell Beach coastline would be a safety and logistical nightmare. It sounds like they need to call me, I might know a thing or two about this particular piece of ocean :) If Ironman needs an Avila Beach Swim Consultant I’m totally the guy!

You can read the whole article here, and if they do pick SLO for Ironman you can pre-swim the course with Rob Aquatics! Starting in May I’ll be doing open water classes and small group swims out of Avila Beach… expect a full announcement later, but this seemed like a good time to at least give it a quick mention :)

4 Responses to “Ironman in SLO County with an Avila Beach Swim?”

  1. Evan says:

    That’s a gorgeous photo. Can’t wait to see it in person this August!

  2. Rob D says:

    It’s better in person! I’ll make sure to give you the full tour when you’re here!

  3. Carl says:

    Rob – I just read this too. An IM event in SLO area would be sweet. Does the water at Avila ever warm up?

  4. Rob D says:

    Carl – we get up to about 60-63 at best in late summer, most of the year is mid 50′s