My trip to Santa Maria was dual purposed today… I needed to squeeze in a swim and a trip to Target and get back to work on time. Normally I wouldn’t break up a swim just for that, but there were some things I really needed to get for the house like yesterday and I really didn’t want to drive all the way down there twice in one day (it’s 25ish miles each way).

Once I hit the pool I proceeded to slack a little bit and talk on deck while soaking in some sunshine, it was really nice out today. I brought my swimsense along with me again today and dove in with it to start my warm up. 25 yards into it I realized it was on the wrong wrist (you program which wrist you’re going to wear it on) so I swapped it over to the other one then got back on with my swim.

After the warm up I decided to do my own thing today. Normally I wouldn’t just detach from the workout like that, but I needed to just swim for a while with no breaks. Mike is going to nationals so he’s on a bit of a mission right now, no slacking and minimal shit talking between sets that are really fast… that’s not where I was at today at all. Instead I swam for a little less than 20 minutes which according to my swimsense watch was 1250 yards. Wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire today, but it’s exactly what I needed to do right now.

Once we hit about the half way point I bounced out of the pool and ran off to do my errands. Tomorrow I’ll be back in oceanic action with an Avila Beach swim, and if there’s waves maybe I’ll drag out my board and mess around in the surf for a while too :)

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