I was really not excited about the start of the week until about 1:30 when I realized that this wasn’t just Monday… it was Boogie Monday! Yes! I grabbed my phone to text Dani and confirm that she was in and she’d already texted me the same thing half an hour earlier. As an added bonus the Surf app on my phone said that the waves would be pretty decent tonight. All of a sudden I was excited for Monday, yay boogie boarding :)

She picked me up around 5:30 and we decided to go to Avila instead of Grover or Pismo because it had been cooling off a lot today and the air temps would be better in Avila. The beach was looking pretty beautiful, but man that water was cold! The buoy is running 50.0 right now so it probably wasn’t too much better where we were surfing.

There were sets of really decent waves coming through but they were spaced out a bit which meant you had to wait for something to ride. I was doing ok out there but Dani was getting pretty cold. Luckily getting launched back towards the beach on a wave will get the adrenaline pumping enough that you forget about that for a little while :)

The highlight of the evening, for me anyways, was when we both caught the same wave. Dani rode it straight towards the beach but I turned into it and ended up right along side her. While we were rushing towards the beach we were close enough and it had to be done… mid wave high five! We might not be able to do all the cool tricks and stuff, but you don’t see that in the surf magazines :)

Towards the end of our time in the water I finally found one wave that was substantially bigger than everything that was rolling through. I wasn’t quite in the right spot and ended up with a bit of a late take off which either means something awesome or really bad is about to happen. After losing contact with the face of the wave for a moment I landed right where I wanted to be and cut real hard to the right until it closed out on me and I just sort of rode the foam way back to the shallow water. Super fun… I need to go find some better and maybe a little bigger waves… hmmm…

Eventually we called it because Dani was turning into a popsicle. I rode one last wave all the way to the beach and we walked back to the truck to get dried off and change. We wrapped up the evening with tacos and beer in town. All told I think this was about as good as a Monday is allowed to go :) If anybody wants to get in on this Boogie Monday action let me know! I wouldn’t mind a few more folks catching waves with us and this is a little too fun to keep to myself!

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