My friend Dani is a genius. Somewhere around October we went boogie boarding as a cool down for a 10 mile swim I did and a major race she had done… the desire was there to turn it into a regular thing but not too long later we lost the sunshine after work and had to give it up. For spring she worked in boogie boarding as her Monday night workout as opposed to all the biking, trail running and ironmanning she’s usually up to (she did a half ironman yesterday!). We’ve gone out to the ocean the last two weeks on Monday and I think we’re going stick to this for as long as we have the daylight to do it.

We hit the water around 6 and didn’t get out until after 7, it was great. The waves were meh but it’s hard to not have fun bouncing around in the ocean after a long day at work. I figure instead of writing a bunch I’d just share some pictures and a short video from the end of my board on a quick 10 second ride towards the beach!

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