Weird day at the pool… cold and windy with ominous dark clouds to one side and sunshine on the other. Although it kept threatening it never broke open with actual rain, I think I’m getting all that tonight… rain started coming down, er, sideways anyways while I was out eating dinner. Looks like Sunday’s ocean swim is en route to getting washed out as well, lame. I guess it’ll be more of a beach clean up kind of day instead.

Anyways, the pool! I’m having a hard time liking it right now… I’m overly oceanically fixated at the moment. If it weren’t for the fact that I really like the people I swim with in the pool I don’t know that I’d be getting in the water much. I just need to regain a rhythm I think… I’ll get there… I’m just distracted with other things I have working.

It was all dudes for our workout today and we were 5 deep. I got a chance to do some more swimming with my new Z2 Gold Fins from FINIS and so far I still dig them. I’m still picking out the small differences in feel. I did a lot of dolphin kicking and the change in flex is a little more noticeable there. It’s not bad, just a little different. The kick action remains pretty much the same. I’m pretty sure that if I weren’t trying to pay attention I wouldn’t notice anything besides the nicer foot pockets :)

800 Warm up (free with fly drill mixed in)
8 x 50 overkick, build to wall @1:00

with fins:
200 fly drill
5 x 50 fly @ 1:00
1 x 200 free
10 x 25 fly @ :30

200 cool down

2300 yards total

My other excitement for the day is that I got a copy of the USLA’s Open Water Lifesaving Manual in the mail today. I’ve only skimmed it while eating dinner, but so far… wow… lots of good information in there!

With the rain I don’t know what my swim schedule looks like the next couple days. I’m thinking at least Saturday calls for a trip to the pool to do some gadget testing. I’ve got a new toy I want to try outside of an actual workout just to learn how it works before I attempt to get at it amongst other people.

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