Although I was swimming in the pool today I brought some open water excitement with me. I’ve really been wanting to swim with the Swim Safety Device (SSD) buoy thingamabobber ┬ábut the surf at the beach has just been too big. My first attempt at swimming out through some 6 footers resulted in some broken hardware and my SSD bodysurfing back to the beach without me. Well today I decided to get scientific and do a controlled test in the pool, I figured that was safe right? The only thing I was in danger of was looking like a dork in the pool and that happens on a regular basis anyways so why not just own it?

When I pulled the SSD out of my bag it got a lot of odd looks from my friends. I had to go through the whole spiel about what it is and how it works. They weren’t necessarily impressed but they were at least curious to see if it worked out ok.

During warm up I swam 100 yards with it and to be honest, not too bad. I did feel a tug behind me but nothing major. What I was most worried was that it would be constantly hitting my in the thighs or feet while trying to swim, didn’t happen. Not to say there wasn’t some occasional contact, but nothing major.

After messing around with the SSD I switched back to regular swimming and slogged my way through the first couple parts of the workout Mike had written. I really like doing fast 25′s from mid-pool, I used to do them all the time when I trained by myself, so it was cool to have some of those mixed in.

400 reverse IM kick/drill/kick/swim
4 x 100 free @ 1:40
8 x 50 IM Switching

12 x 25 from mid-pool, 3 fast 1 easy

150 free @ 2:15
100 dolphin on back @ 2:00
3 x 50 free @ 1:00

200 test swim with SSD

2100 yards total

Once we got through one round of the last set of the day I dropped out and did some more testing with the SSD. I swam about 200 yards mixing free and breast to see how it went. I’m not ready to do a full review yet since it hasn’t gotten any real ocean time yet, but so far so good. The inside stayed dry, the buoy didn’t get in my way, and it was capable of floating a 225 pound dude.

When I get in a more serious non pool swim with it I’ll get a little deeper into this thing. In the meantime… here’s a string of odd pictures I managed to take while dangling camera off of the buoy and swimming :)

4 Responses to “Pool Testing the SSD in the Name of Science”

  1. IronMike says:

    That leg picture is scary.

  2. Rob D says:

    heh, yeah, pardon the leg hair :)

  3. Pools says:

    Hi Rob, not sure if you have posted a complete review on the buoy already. So how was it?