The good news is I finally broke away from work to go swim today, the bad news is I’m a bit of a mess at the moment… I’ve hypothesized that I’m either getting sick or just slightly poisoned from Sunday’s ocean swim. I’m not a fan of either scenario, hopefully it all blows over shortly! My open water swim partner Niel conjectured that I either need to spend more or less time in the ocean to fix it, I’m leaning towards more :)  Hopefully I can get a chance shortly to soak in some cold salt water and give it a chance to either cure or kill me…. anyways… workout… it kicked my ass and I only did 2/3 of it!

100/200/300/200/100 free on a declining 100 interval at each level

Repeat x 3 all with fins (did round 3 free instead of fly)
100 fly drill @ 1:40
3 x 50 fly @ 1:00 fast
100 easy

100 miscellaneous warm down

2150 yards total

I was hanging on and swimming ok in warm up. The main set however… that didn’t feel so fantastic! It was basically drill 100, swim 3 fast 50′s, cruise 100 and repeat. Doesn’t sound like much but I feel like I was going to die during those 50′s… I guess that means I was doing it right :) I did switch from fly to free on the last round though. Not because I needed to stop swimming fly, but because I needed to swim some fast freestyle to get ready for the weekend.

once the snorkels came out, I got out

Speaking of the weekend… I’ve got a meet! Me and Mike are going to drive down Sunday morning to take on the CalTech Pentathlon which is a super fun event. It consists of a 50 of each stroke plus the 100 IM. This will be my third year in a row at that meet and I’m looking forward to it… I haven’t really competed in quite a while which is very out of the ordinary for me. If you’re in SoCal this weekend and you want to swim go check it out! Online registration and more details are available here.

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