I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a big drive up the coast to San Francisco! I took off around 8:30am and hit my hotel about 1:15pm. First thing on my mind after checking in was a walk a few blocks over to Aquatic Park to check out the water. It was a little breezy with some light chop and a pretty decent number of swimmers floating around all kind of doing their own thing. I wasn’t ready to actually swim just yet though. Friends of mine from New York and Illinois were on their way into town and we planned to try and swim together.

First to show up was Amanda from Chicago. We hung out at the beach and wandered that corner of the city a bit while we waited for the New York Contingent. Eventually Dave Barra, Willy and Cristian showed up and we made our way over to the South End Rowing Club. We all paid the day use fee and got suited up. I brought along my SSD to finally give it an open water test.

The water was probably 54ish today which would make it my warmest swim of the week! But everyone else hasn’t been in cold open water since probably November so it was a bit of a shock to their systems. That being said I was still the last one to get all the way in the water, but I was the warmest coming out :)

We swam over to the buoy line and cruised all the way down it. Even though the sun was making it a little hard to see them I did ok. Apparently Amanda used my orange buoy as a beacon for where to go… new use case for the SSD!

We all met up at the far end of the buoy line to decide where we’d go next. Dave picked out a red sail boat up at the top of the park and we swam towards it, from there we shot over to a little blue sail boat on the other side of the opening to the park. By this point everybody was feeling pretty good and a lot more confident that they’ll be able to handle our swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to Aquatic Park.

We wrapped up with a straight shot in towards the South End Rowing Club and then bee lined for the sauna. Honestly the sauna was a bit too much for me, I’m not good at being hot, but it was nice to have instant access to heat after a cold swim! Once everyone warmed up we got dinner overlooking the bay. Tomorrow we’ll all meet back up way to early in the morning, and possibly in the rain, to do our big Friday morning swim! I’m stoked to swim out by the Golden Gate, never done that before!

2 Responses to “Lucky Lap in Aquatic Park”

  1. evan says:

    This is great. I so wish I were there with you all. Keep up the excellent reportage!

  2. Rob D says:

    Will do buddy! Too bad you could be here… the swim today was absurd!