It’s a good thing I got as much ocean time in as I did last week because all the rain from this past weekend has made the sea pretty gross. There’s a health advisory from Avila all the way down to Oceano Dunes, and I got an email from a local swim friend titled “Poo” to discuss swim plans for the week. Boo run off! So it looks like I’m going to have to spend more time chlorinated than salted this week… good news is I have some new toys to play with!

Today I started with the Z2 Gold Fins from FINIS. The blue Z2′s have been a staple of my swimbag for the last year or so and I was excited to try these out. I kept hearing over and over again from different people at FINIS about how awesome the new foot pockets were on these… how they’re so soft and more comfortable and on and on… ok well now that I’ve worn them I get why they were so excited…I started doing the same thing… “hey guys you need to feel these!” The rubber is a lot softer and almost silicon-esque. I swam about 800 yards with them on today and really liked them. They were easy on my feet even though I actually sized down a little bit for a tighter fit than my old ones. The flex of the fin is a little different than the blue Z2′s, but it still allowed for that quick tight kick. I’m going to replace my old Z2′s with these and keep swimming with them to see how they do over time, first impressions are pretty good so far! If you want to try them out you can get them straight from FINIS here.

400 reverse IM kick/drill/kick/swim
8 x 50 non-free kick @ 1:00
4 x 100 IM Switching @ 1:40

4 x 125 free w/ fins @ :15 rest

4 x 75 fast w/ fins @ 2:00
300 easy
4 x 50 free @ 1:30

run away and get back to work…

2500 yards total

The actual workout today was good… the beginning hurt. The 4 x 100 IM switching was surprisingly unpleasant. I think after so much ocean swimming last week my body just wasn’t ready for IMing. The parts I did in the workout with fins weren’t actually prescribed that way, I changed them so I could try my new fins out. I have some other things to try coming up here… stay tuned, I’m especially excited about one that’s all kinds of fun and gadgety!

*Full bloggerly disclosure: I wasn’t paid to review or talk about fins, but I did get them for free

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