Although it was nice and sunny outside it was also cold and blustery on the pool deck. The wind was steadily pushing water straight across the pool and over the edges into the gutters. There wasn’t much hesitation from me to get in the water today, I knew it’d be nicer below it than above it! Everyone else dawdled on the deck while I got in my first couple laps, but I’m pretty sure they’d have been happier if they just jumped in :) Here’s today’s workout, or at least what I got in before I had to split for work…

600 reverse IM kick/drill/swim by 50
6 x 50 free @ 1:00 dolphin kick to mid pool off each wall
600 pull no breathing inside the flags

12 x 25 6 stroke burn @ :45 alt Fly and Breast (sprint 6 strokes, cruise the rest)

4 x 100 free @ 1:35
200 Free IM

2400 yards total

I really liked the 25′s we did, they were good intense little nuggets of swimmerly excitement. I managed to get past the flags on each length with my 6 strokes of both fly and breast. On fly I focused on good dolphin kicking off the wall. On breast I was very mindful of what my feet were doing and trying to get as much as I could out of my kick. This short fast stuff is good for me, it balances me out.

In other news… I got a shipment from SwimOutlet the other day! They sent me a few pieces from their new Sporti line to try out. I got a jammer, a silicon cap, and some water shoes. I wore the jammer this weekend at the CalTech Pentathlon, the cap and shoes are yet to go on their maiden voyages. Oddly I’m kind of excited about the water shoes because I found a cool tide pool spot out at Montana de Oro I want to investigate some more but the rocks there kill my feet. Hopefully I get to try them out soon… the jammer did a pretty good job for me and I liked the look. It’s more of a workout suit, but I wore it at the meet because it was the only legal non-drag type suit I had at the ready when I was packing my swim bag.

While I checked out all my new stuff my dog commandeered the box :)

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