I’ve been held out of the ocean for what feels like forever due to rain, run off, and general aquatic yuckery. It hasn’t rained since Saturday and the weather was really nice today… I’m still suspicious of the water though. I got a text in the late afternoon from my friend Dani asking if I wanted to go boogie board after work. I decided why not, I’ve been dying to get back in the cold salty stuff.

After work I hustled home and put together my stuff… board, duckfeet, boardshorts, camera and towel… then waited for Dani to swing by and get me. We hit the beach around 5:45 and there wasn’t really anybody there. We still had plenty of sunshine and there weren’t any health advisories posted that I saw so we went for it. It was nice to be cold again :)

We kicked around in the surf looking for something surfable. The waves were pretty bad, blown out and mushy. We had small stuff coming from all different directions that we just taking all the oomph out of each other. I managed to get in a few decent rides but there wasn’t much to work with (not that I’m that good to begin with mind you), but it was fun and I enjoyed it.

After about 45 minutes in the water we called it a night. She was getting cold and I was still a little worried about getting sick. I guess we’ll see tomorrow if this was a good idea or not! Either way, I felt really good afterwards… the ocean really recharges my good mood reserves.

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