I went out for a Wednesday night swim with Niel tonight and things seem to be back to normal in the ocean. No more crazy big surf and the water looks to have cleared up now that the rain’s been gone for a while. Ahhh… wonderful :)

I’ve been feeling a little not so good recently so I figured a trip into the ocean would either kill me or cure me… so far we’re leaning towards cure but it’ll probably be best to ask me that again in the morning. On the beach Neil and I caught up a little bit, waited just in case anyone else showed up and then hopped in the water. Tonight’s swim plan was to do the “classic” triangle. I figured that way if I got out in the water and proceeded to feel really bad I’d have a few exit points.

Getting in the water wasn’t so smooth. I had a hard time getting acclimated today. Niel measured 55 which is actually pretty “warm,” but when I’m a little sick it throws my whole cold tolerance game off. The waves tonight were largely flat but you’d get a small handful of decent ones at the end of each set. Once we got to the bigger ones I wasn’t ready to go still but Niel was so he swam out and up the faces of a couple waves to flatter water. I waited out the set and then took off in the lull before the next one marched towards shore. Eventually I leveled out in the temperature department, but it was a lot harder today than usual.

On our swim down the end of the buoy line on the point side the wind started to build up a healthy little current pushing out to sea. It was running hard enough that I had a hard time holding my line on the inside of the buoys because the water kept trying to push me out. Once we hit the buoy we floated for a minute and chatted before taking on the next leg. It was really pretty out on the water today… hard to not take extended breaks just to sightsee.

Out at the pier while regrouping we found some fishing line, I totally HATE that! Niel ran into it first so I knew I was going to go over it too. I tried to swim up as flat as possible on top of the water to avoid it but that did work… I ended up with it strung across the front of my neck… ugh, not cool. I carefully peeled it from under the adventure beard and over my head then got away from it in a hurry while being totally paranoid that I was going to feel the tug of a hook at anytime. I randomly checked for fishing line and hooks for the next 400m… I can’t help it, it’s like when you kill a spider on your head and now it feels like they’re all over you when there’s nothing there. Ick.

While we swam out to what would be the phantom creek buoy we came to the realization that all but one of the buoys on that side of the pier have now disappeared! What the hell!?! The port side of the buoy line now consists of one buoy about 5 meters from the pier, the rest is just inferred.

We swam out to about where we figured the line would be if the buoy were there and then turned towards the pier. The current seemed to have died down a bit but there was still a pretty healthy off show breeze blowing. Since the motion in the water wasn’t too extreme we decided to swim in under the pier since we haven’t been able to do that in a really long time. Between the light swells going one way and the wind driven current going the other I had to be real careful to stay between the pilings. I kept my head up and swam real fast and came out unscathed on the other side.

While swimming back towards the beach I hung out for a minute looking for a wave to ride but they just weren’t there. We were between sets and nothing was really going on so I just swam the rest of the way in.

Post workout I grabbed dinner with Niel at the beach. When we left the Avila Grocery we were in the middle of an amazing sunset. Pinks and purples to the east and blazing yellows and oranges to the west… perfect and beautiful. I’m hoping for a repeat tomorrow if I can find an after work swim buddy since I probably won’t be able to make it to the pool at lunch due to some stuff going on during the day.

3 Responses to “Back to Normal in Avila”

  1. Gords says:

    I love the sunset pics! Glad the water is back to normal and your able to get back at it. I’d love 55 degrees!

  2. Rob D says:

    thanks, it’s nice to have my ocean back :) 55 is pretty nice for this time of year, but man it was rough goings at first yesterday! Every once and a while me and my body have different ideas of what’s a good temperature to go swimming in

  3. Brendan says:

    Pretty much back to normal in Oceanside yesterday also. I also ran into a fishing line for the first time in my life. I swim far away from the pier here because a few years ago I had a couple of times when mischievous fishermen casted out to try to hit me, and the weighted lines hit the water near me. I do wish we had cleaner water here. Our visibility is about 4-5 feet on a good day.