I had grand plans of waking up early to go paddling or body surfing or something before my lunchtime workout in Santa Maria, but that plan was slightly modified just after my alarm went off at 6:30… I decided to move the wake up time about 3 more hours backwards… I’m thinking this was the right decision, I really hate mornings :)

my obnoxious suits make for some rather artistic reflections :)

At noon I was down at the pool ready to do some swimming. We were 4 deep today, this Saturday sprint day thing is picking up some momentum. I was trying to mentally prepared to put myself through 3 200 IMs at race pace. The 200 IM is one of those events that just ends my day… I expend so much energy trying to brute force my way through it that I’m just totally smoked at the end.

I think I need a fancier camera to get better above and below water shots

While we were getting started with warm up I came to find out that our 200′s were broken. I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or disappointed. Either way it still gave me a chance to do some 50 flys off the blocks which is always a good time for me. I had some really solid starts today. I think I’m starting to recapture my short course groove a little bit. My starts on rounds 2 and 3 were big launches followed up with a barely legal barrage of dolphin kicks. Both times my first stroke hit right at the 15m mark. I was splitting a lane with a dude who I run into officiating at meets sometimes and my starts caught his attention because they were so close to being a kick too far.

300 swim @ 5:00
6 x 75 kick @ 1:30
300 pull (I just swam) @ 5:00
6 x 50 IM Switching @:55
8 x 25 Variables @ :45

Repeat x 3
Broken 200 IM (50 fly from a dive @ 1:30, 100 back to breast @ 2:00, 50 free @ 1:30)
200 easy

2750 yards total

I’m not sure we’re on for a Saturday swim next week since there’s a swim meet going on that Mike has to coach at, but maybe those of us still in town will go out and swim amongst ourselves anyways.

I like how reflections come out looking like paintings

After swimming I went out for some lunch and then me and my girlfriend went on a mini adventure to Montaña de Oro. It’s really pretty out there but I don’t go often because it’s kinda out of the way and I don’t really know where anything is out there. We drove off into the woods for a while until we hit a point that had lots of cars parked and figured that was a good point to start exploring from.

the rock formations are really interesting down by the water

Our main objective was to find some tide pools to go check out. We saw some surfers leaving the parking area down a trail and figured we were on the right path. After maybe half a mile of downward sloping trail we hit the beach. It was really rocky and craggy with all kinds of interesting geological excitement in all directions.

these guys were really hard to find because they're so well camouflagedd

Down by the water we found plenty of sea anemones, hermit crabs, snails, regular crabs, and stuff like that. There was an urchin somewhere in the mix, and plenty of little heads bobbing out in the water. I counted a few sea otters along with a bunch of pinnepeds of some sort.

anemone up close underwater

We walked a ways down the coast exploring all the nooks and crannys while cooling our feet off in the cold water. I think we could have spent all day there, but the sun was coming down and we had a feeling that the tide might be coming up so we turned back towards the trail.

Heidi investigating the next set of tide pools

I’ll have to talk to some of my friends that trail run out there to figure out where the cool places to go in the park are. I’m pretty sure there’s a rad little beach/cove kind of area out there that I’d like to go check out from in the water.

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