anybody missing some sweet stunner shades?

The last couple days have been full of rain and doom around here, and usually that leads to dirty water thanks to the magic of run off. As luck would have it though today was bright and sunny and sparkly. I packed a bag for the beach already even though I knew a swim was 99% not going to happen… but with a day like this I at least had to go to the beach even if we couldn’t swim.

Anticipating this situation I put a post up on the SwimAvila blog to let the other kids know I’d be there to clean up the beach a little while we determined the swim-ability of the day. I think most everybody took today to run or bike before the rains came back.

I hit the beach at 9:30 and nobody was around yet so me and my bucket just started picking stuff up. I worked on the left side of the pier for a while fishing cigarette butts and small styrofoam pieces out of big clumps of kelp. Once I crossed to the right side of the pier and worked my way towards the creek my finds got a little more interesting. The bottom of a glass bottle, a purple plastic hippo, 2 left sandals or different styles, some sunglasses, and plenty more pieces of little plastic debris.

Around 10:30 I passed back under the pier and saw Niel moving about with a bucket of his own. We caught up for a little bit and then spent a little more time picking over the beach. About this time a bunch of college kids showed up in various corners of the beach with trash bags leading Niel to believe I did a much better job of beach clean up promotion than I really did… unfortunately I had to admit I had nothing to do with it :)

Ultimately we decided to go to lunch instead of swimming. Even though it was a beautiful day we didn’t trust the water. We ate outside at the Custom House with a view of the beach and chatted for a while. Duke, who swims with us, and his fiancée came running by a couple times proving my hypothesis that everyone went outside today but for different sports than swimming :) There’s more rain on the way, but hopefully next weekend is a go for swimming!

those seaweed piles are all full of bits of styrofoam... not cool

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