So the big question of the day was “why is the pool so cloudy?” For reasons no one could figure out the pool’s visibility was less than spectacular. It didn’t stop anybody from getting in, but it slowed us down a little. Since this pool is usually very clear and wonderfully sparkling on a regular basis I figured we could give it a pass for being a little gross just one time. Plus I’ve been out of the water since Saturday for various reasons so I really needed to get wet. We started with 3 swimmers but by the end of the warm up we were at 5 with a 6th still to show up later.

10 x 100 free @ 1:40

Repeat x 3 all fast with fins
100 free @ 1:30
4 x 25 dolphin kick alt. underwater and on your back by 25
3 x 50 fly

9 x 100 free

2950 yards total

The warm up was mellow, but the main set in the middle turned out to be an ass kicker! Everything in that set was with fins on in the understanding that you’d actually kick and go fast in them. I celebrated by going out entirely too fast on the first 100. I knew it as soon as I started, but once I lock into a pace it’s hard for me to drop it. I finished like 5 or 6 seconds ahead of Mike which let me know I went out way to fast and was about to pay for it in the rest of the set. By the end of the first round I was huffing and puffing pretty severely. The intervals gave me some healthy amounts of rest, but I just couldn’t reset my body inbetween send offs. I made it all the way through the set, but I’m pretty sure my stroke was fairly horrible towards the end there!

I won’t be underwater tomorrow because I’ve got work all day and then a Surfrider meeting to go check out, but I should be back in Santa Maria for some sprinting on Saturday and then the ocean on Sunday.

2 Responses to “Questionably Cloudy”

  1. IronMike says:

    Sad, but that is what my pool looks like daily. Perhaps that is why my ear wax turns blue. I know. Gross, right?

  2. Rob D says:

    Blue? wow… what the hell do they put in the water in Russia dude?