Ok so those of you from colder portions of the country are probably rolling your eyes right now, but this is a big deal for around here! There was talk of snow hitting the ground in San Luis Obispo County at elevations above 500 feet which is majorly out of the ordinary. Although a little brisk it was looking really nice outside here in town so I decided to go for a walk at the beach.

When I parked the car I felt a rain drop hit me but didn’t really think anything of it because the clouds were too scattered to come up with anything to dramatic. After about 5 minutes on the beach something hard hit me… and then another… turns out it was hail! It started as just a trickle, but really opened up after a couple minutes. I ran around with my camera getting some pictures and video.

The ocean looked awesome with all the wind chop that was pock marked with the falling hail. At this point I realized I had swim stuff in the truck and needed to get in the water to fully appreciate this! Unfortunately the 1 cloud that was heavy with hail was gone by the time I got back to the beach with my bag. I continued to hang out and walk around for a while to see if we’d get one more wave of hail but I don’t think it was coming. I’m just stoked I randomly caught the 5-10 minutes of ice hitting the beach!

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