Unbelievable right? I figured since the entire swim community is abuzz with the announcement of Michael Phelps’ upcoming Xbox Kinect swimming game this would be an excellent time for me to break the silence and announce my new video game!

So you’re probably wondering… hey Rob which platform is it going to be on? Xbox? Wii? PS3? As if… I’m going with the finest gaming platform of all time, Nintendo Gameboy! I figure when you swim in the Pacific all you see is green so why not make a game that can only come in green? No brainer. So how did this all come to be? Well I went back in time to 1989 and brokered a deal with Nintendo to have the first ever open water swimming game… how did I go back in time? Well that’s a swim blogger secret that I can’t divulge publicly, but we can all do it. Just ask Joel or Tony. Fair warning they’ll probably pretend to not know what you’re talking about because, well, we can’t talk about it… anyways check out this sweet promo shot!

Rad right? It may be too awesome…

Even though I have a pretty serious NDA with the good people over at Nintendo over certain aspects of the game I do have some screen captures and can walk you through parts of the story.

So you start with your swimmer… me!

and I travel around to places like Chicago!

and the Chesapeake Bay!

Be careful on the starts! Press “B” to block the kicks and punches of over aggressive triathletes, and press “A” to hit them back!

Once you hit the water it’s all swimming

Oh no! Jellyfish!

Ahhh Shark!!!! Kick kick kick!!!!

Stop for a feed to replenish your health after that run-in

And from there just keep on swimming!

The final level of the game is a swim from Catalina, I haven’t personally beaten than one yet. To play you basically hit the “A” button to swim… for 10-18 hours until you hit California. You can hit “B” to kick but no one ever does. And just a side note if you actually beat the Catalina level I think it voids your Gameboy’s factory warranty for unnatural abuse.

No word on exactly when the game drops, but I think it’s going to be a winner!

*all the pictures in the post were derived from my own stuff except for the shark picture because I don’t have any of those! That started as a pic on boston.com

13 Responses to “BIG NEWS! Rob Aquatics the Video Game!”

  1. Sully says:

    Haha, Love it!

  2. Joel says:

    Best Post Ever!

  3. evan says:

    Possibly the most ridiculous and utterly charming swim blog post I’ve ever read.

  4. Rob D says:

    thanks guys… I’m glad this was entertaining to more than just me :)

  5. Amanda says:

    To Hell with the warranty! I’m going to press the kick button all the way across from Catalina! mwahaha

  6. Laura says:

    Put me on the pre-order list!!!

  7. El Sharko says:

    This sort of post usually appears when the poster is getting ready to commit to a big swim!!!! So what is it???

  8. Rob D says:

    El Sharko – I wish dude, I’m all dreams and no money right now! I need to work on the dollar problem first, then I can worry about picking from the small handful of mystery swims I want to focus on!

  9. Lynn K says:

    Oh I MUSY have one! Or two or three…’cause my boys will certainly want to borrow mine!!!

  10. Natalie says:

    How exciting. I need to get a gameboy on craigslist or something. I don’t even like games, Rob, but somehow I think I am going to enjoy yours :-)

  11. Suzie D says:

    I agree, utterly useless but hysterically funny.
    See you in SLC.

  12. Somebody has waaaay too much time :-D

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