We had cold winds and dark clouds, but the rain never broke on top of us. The skies keep making threats but not living up to them… no rain is totally fine with me, but it’s the suspense that’s killing me! I know it’s coming! When I got on deck everyone was hiding against the wall just out of reach of the wind wondering if getting in the pool would make things better or worse. Having grown up in Wisconsin, the reactions of my native Californian friends are always highly amusing to me… Oh no it’s only 50 degrees! Call the National Guard! :)

Once we finally got around to getting in we got right down to business with a freestyle warm up ladder. While warming up I tried to focus on my stroke a little and be conscious of where my head and my hands were. I’ve been a touch out of balance recently and feeling it in my left shoulder. While we were swimming I could feel the cold breeze blowing over the top of my bald head. It’s a weird sensation to have cold air on top of your noggin when the rest of your head is submerged in warm water.

Up next we had a set with some fast stuff mixed in. A fast 50 followed by an easy 100 eight times over all with fins. I did a mix of free and fly on the 50′s and kept everything in the high 20′s through the set. These types of sets continue to eat me up. Something about getting my heart rate way isn’t jiving with me. Like I can churn along at one pace for hours but cranking it up and down really gasses me out. I guess I just need to do more of it and get over it.

We finished with 16×75′s alternating a fast interval with an easier interval. I tried to hang with Mike and Tyler’s intervals but couldn’t quite make it. It was a little too fast for me, plus they had paddles on and I didn’t. Somewhere around the 12th repeat or so I had to hop out of the pool and get back to work. Things were running late and although I wanted to finish I needed to bounce.


Repeat x 8 all with fins
50 fast @ :45
100 easy @ 1:45

16 x 75 pull alternating intervals odds/evens (I just swam w/o paddles)

3000 yards swam total (3300 prescribed)

Today’s fancy and somewhat ominous looking pictures of the Paul Nelson Aquatic Center come from my Instagram account. I just started messing with it recently, it’s kinda fun. If you have an iPhone and like to take pictures you’ll dig it. You can follow me on Instagram at aquarob.

One Response to “Just Jump in… Warm Pools Defeat Cold Breezes!”

  1. Sully says:

    “These types of sets continue to eat me up. Something about getting my heart rate way up isn’t jiving with me.”

    When you master these sets we will call you, anaeROBic.