Today was a rough one. Despite looking sunny and wonderful the ocean was pretty cold and we had a chilly breeze blowing down from the mountains out to the ocean. I think my body is still in recovery mode because it was way harder to process today’s swim than it should have been. Niel measured 53 off the pier and the buoy is reading 52, my body acted like it was 48.

Niel fishing for a water temperature reading

I got to the beach pretty early and met Sylvia and Susan over by the stairwell. Niel joined us soon after and I went with him to the pier to get the temperature. Once the 4 of us were all ready to go we started to walk down to the water but then Kim showed up and rushed into her wetsuit. Once she was almost set Pete showed up too! Since people kept rolling in a little late I took the opportunity to go get wet and acclimated early. I spent a little time in the ocean in Pismo on Saturday and it was really cold (51-53 according to the surf report) so I knew I was in for it when I hit the ocean.

the others starting to walk down to the water

I took my sweet ass time today… like waaaay longer than I normally ever do. I got settled in about waist deep and just couldn’t bring myself to get my upper body wet. Eventually Niel and Susan took off for the buoy line and I had intentions of following them… it didn’t happen. I stayed back with Sylvia who also skipped a wetsuit today and we kept each other company while we worked up the desire to actually dive in. Eventually she left too leaving just me there¬†fidgeting¬†in the breakers. At this point Niel and Susan had started to swim down the buoy line because it was to cold to just hang around even in a wetsuit. Sheesh… I needed to make a move. A fair size set started to roll through and that made the decision for me.

I aimed for the buoy line and just burned the whole way there from the cold. I paused at the buoy and collected up Kim, Sylvia, and Pete. We became our own little group out there since Niel and Susan had already put themselves a good distance ahead of us. The original plan for today was to just do the buoy line so I decided we’d swim until we hit the other two coming back and just turn to join them. This plan didn’t work out so well because the Niel and Susan ended up turning for the top of the pier instead. When I saw this I pulled together my group and we turned a little early to try and catch up at the pier.

everything looks a little hazy because the cold fogged up my camera lens!

I just missed them leaving the pier by like 30 seconds but had put a lot of distance between me and the others in my group in the process. That left me to float for a while, luckily by this point I had gotten a grip on the water temperature. As the other 3 swam towards me I was drifting straight out from the beach. The wind had really picked up in a hurry and was building a little current and some chop.

watching the rest of my group swim up to the top of the pier

When we had everyone present and accounted for we decided to swim it straight back down the pier. This leg of the swim was straight into the wind and the building chop, but everyone did pretty well with it. At about the mid point of the pier Niel and Susan crossed back into our line and joined us for the swim into the beach.

not much of a swim today, only .8 miles but I spent 37 minutes in the water

On the beach I never broke down into a shiver but I was definitely cold. I dried off and changed right away into some jeans and a sweatshirt while everyone else went to the showers. I sat in the sun to recharge and watch everybody’s stuff until they came back.

After the swim I went to SLO for some lunch and then spent some time in Morro Bay. I dropped in on Central Coast Standup Paddling to actually see the shop. I got in on their demo day last month but haven’t been to the shop yet. I’m still a tire kicker, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the proud owner of an SUP of my own by summer :)

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