Dave and I in Port San Luis during the prep for my Pismo Polar Bear Swim

Dave Van Mouwerik is one of my favorite local open water swimmers. He’s a cool guy, a good swimmer, and he has a real deep appreciation for the sport. He’s a board member of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association, former event director for the Pismo to Avila Pier to Pier when it used to be a Masters sanctioned event in the summers between 99-02, and probably the most methodical and well prepared swimmer you’ll find in the ocean. I wish I had his capacity for training and planning!

On August 7th of 2010 Dave set forth on a pretty sweet aquatic adventure. He became the 17th person to have ever swam from Anacapa Island across the Santa Barbara Channel to the California mainland. This was a 12+ mile shot through 62 degree water that he conquered in 7 hours flat.

I’ve gotten to hear Dave tell the story about his swim a few times in person and it’s great… great to the point that Anacapa is on my 2011 wish list for this year! Back in December he was a presenter at a Pecha Kucha Night at San Luis Obispo’s Steynberg Gallery, between here and there he adapted it to a video that he could share online. I’ve known that the the narrated video was in the works for a while and I’ve been really excited to see it completed. I got my first viewing of it on Sunday night and it’s fantastic! I really dig listening to Dave talk you through the swim, you need to take a few minutes and check it out!

If you have any comments or questions Dave would be stoked to hear it! You can leave him a comment here on the blog, over on YouTube, or email him directly at davevm@att.net

If you’re not familiar with the swims offered by the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association I highly recommend checking them out (santabarbarachannelswim.org). They cover swims from 7 of the 8 Channel Islands (the 8th island is Catalina which has its own association). SBCSA swims range anywhere from 12 to 60 miles and take place in one of the most beautiful parts of California. I’m eying Anacapa for right now, but there are some other swims in there that are pretty intriguing.

If you want more from Dave’s swim, check out the full picture slideshow from the swim, and if you want to talk to someone with some first hand knowledge of swimming the Santa Barbara Channel feel free to get a hold of Dave direct at davevm@att.net!

2 Responses to “Swimming from Anacapa with Dave Van Mouwerik”

  1. Hey Rob, I met Dave last year at the CCSF safety meeting. He is great! :-)
    So, I hear you are coming down to the OC on Sunday? I will be there. I did a Naples loop with Beth on Tue. If it’s nice out and you want to swim again, perhaps we can get her to join us for Sunday around Naples.


  2. Rob D says:

    Natalie – Dave’s definitely a cool guy, I always like swimming with him.

    Yes! I’ll be out in Laguna Beach sunday morning to play in the ocean! I’m probably out on a second swim, but if my day goes differently than I think it is I’ll definitely hit you up for a swim on my way home!