It could happen right? I’ve just recently sent off my application to the Discovery Channel to be their Chief Shark Officer, if there were ever a job made just for me that’s probably it! Hopefully they feel the same way!

As promised I’ve posted my audition video below along with the text of what I scripted for it. The two didn’t really come out the same… between 52 degree water induced amnesia and my video editing, bits and pieces didn’t make the cut. It also didn’t help that I was in the middle of a mini windstorm! The audio has some issues in the middle from all the wind blowing across the surface of the ocean. Watch the water moving behind me as the video goes on… it was all the way choppy and gnarly by the time I got back to the beach.

Hi my name is Rob Dumouchel… I’m a marathon ocean swimmer, Adventure Beard enthusiast, swim blogger at, and applicant for Chief Shark Officer! I’m coming to you from my office, the 52 degree waters of the Pacific off the coast of Avila Beach, California. It’s a little cold out here, but you can’t argue with the view!

In the swim world I’m known as a bit of an open water swimming evangelist and documentarist. Armed with not much more than a banana hammock, goggles and a waterproof digital camera I’ve been exploring oceans, lakes, and rivers all over the country and sharing my aquatic expeditions online for the last couple of years.

2010 took me all over the California Coast and then onward to Colorado, Chicago, Indiana, the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, North Carolina, and even Coney Island NY in November! 2011 is shaping up with trips to Vermont, the Great Salt Lake, a swim across Tahoe with more swims still in the works!

My most recent adventure happened right here off the Central Coast of California. I stepped into the ocean on January 1st in Avila Beach and swam 10km down the coast to Pismo Beach against the wind and swells in 53 degree water without a wetsuit.

The one thing I get asked about the most as an open water swimmer is Sharks! Without fail someone who doesn’t swim in the ocean will get to the shark question within moments. My take on it is – are sharks scary? Hell yeah they’re scary! But are they out to get me? Probably not. Despite being a fair sized gentleman I’m no match for the fatty deliciousness of a nice elephant seal.

By stepping into the role of Chief Shark Officer I’d be able to learn more about “the landlord” and share my experiences with the rest of the world. I know my friends, fans, and readers would love to see me face to face with some of the gnarliest predators in the ocean… which makes me wonder a little if they’re really my friends… but I figure if I survive this job it’ll put a lot of my open water swimmer friends at ease knowing a little more about who they’re borrowing the ocean from when they’re out for a swim!

To learn more about me go check out – thank you and see you in the ocean!!!

Keep your fingers crossed kids… maybe this year’s open water tour will be on TV and involve certain sea creatures that I’m usually trying to avoid while swimming!

9 Responses to “Rob D, the Discovery Channel’s First Ever Chief Shark Officer?”

  1. You get ten extra bad-ass points just for applying. twenty more for making such an awesome video to do it. And if you actually get the job, you will probably be setting some kind of a world record for bad-assness. Chief Shark Officer. Wow. If you get the job, instead of wearing a badge on your wetsuit, you should burn on some kind of a brand on your skin. You don’t need a wetsuit anyway, right?
    I hope you get the job. I won’t be applying.

  2. Rob D says:

    wow, although you previously deemed me the “Ambassador of the Nation of Bad Ass” for my Polar Bear Swim, it sounds like I’m due for a promotion… the Chief Shark Officer thing showed up right on time! :)

  3. Tracy B says:

    Cough up some names, email addresses, phone #’s of the folks at Discovery Channel … let’s get a “Rob for CSO” campaign in the works!

  4. Rob D says:

    Tracy – here’s the press release with the contact for submissions beyond this I don’t really have any other contacts for you to campaign in front of… anybody out there know anybody?

  5. Lynn K says:

    Wish we could vote for you!

  6. Lynn K says:

    Wish we could vote for you!

  7. IronMike says:

    Dude, you rock. If you get this job, I’ll have to figure out a way to get the episodes over here.

  8. JoshN says:

    You’d be on my short list. My kids loved the video! But they’re not on the hiring committee either.

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