I traded out my normal Tuesday pool swim for a trip to the beach today and it looks like Thursday might go the same way. Niel was looking for some bonus ocean time during the week since he can’t swim this weekend and based on the weather right now I really can’t say no! It continues to be spectacular which makes me a little concerned for what might be coming in February because it can’t stay this nice forever.

We met up on the beach around noon and there were a fair number of people out there just hanging out in the sunshine. Apparently it was a good day to “be sick” or something because it’s usually pretty sparse on weekdays this far from any kind of holiday. The sky was very clear with lots of sun and no real wind to speak of. Niel measured 55 degree water off the pier and the water itself looked pretty mellow.

We took a little while getting in so I could acclimate and so that we could make a plan. We decided to swim to the end of the pier then to the middle of the Poly Pier, back to the buoy line and in. Niel took off first and I tossed myself in a couple seconds after. The water felt pretty cold but the sunshine really took the edge off of it.

Since it was just the two of us we swam straight out to the end of the pier without stopping. When we regrouped a couple of tourists were waving at us which is always amusing :) After taking a minute to look around and enjoy the surroundings we made a path to the Poly Pier.

On the way the water started to liven up. We had some chop building and pushing straight into our faces. It wasn’t huge but it was big enough to mess with your stroke and breathing patterns. At one point Niel stopped and made sure I was seeing this too and we looked for a possible source since it didn’t feel like the wind was high enough to make it happen. We didn’t see any boats either, but the swell was picking up. I’m still not sure what whipped up that chop though.

At the Poly Pier we regrouped and tried to sight the creek buoy… the size of the swells was making it hard to spot anything that far away so we just aimed for about where we thought it was. We shot a little short but it wasn’t a big deal, once we found the buoys it was an easy swim back to the Avila Pier.

As we neared the beach I hung back a little to find a wave to ride in. I caught a nice little wave just right and rode it in to the shallow water. According to my GPS we swam about 2km or 1.25 miles, not bad for a quick lunchtime swim!

click for swim deets

In other news… I saw a video today from the Distance Swim Challenge I did in October which has a couple brief appearances made by yours truly. The video is about this ex pro football player who works for ESPN that did the 1.2 mile swim, but they edited in some clips of the 12.6 milers on the beach and at the start for some reason. Look out for some sweet high five action and my zebra striped RobAquatics suit running into the ocean with a bunch of wetsuited swimmers!

Pre 12 miler high five! I don't think either of us could have done that after the swim! click the picture to get to the video!

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