Yesterday’s swim has really gotten a lot of people excited about open water and I’m still really stoked on the whole thing! I made it on the news last night at KSBY (click here to see the video) and I got a great write up from the Daily News of Open Water Swimming as well (read the article here). I even got a mention from a swim blog in the Faroe Islands!

This morning I got my hands on some video clips from the LiveSwim livestream so you can see a little more of what was going on out in the ocean, check it out!

I’ve gotten tons of positive feedback on the livestreaming experience. A lot of far away friends and locals told me that they were glued to their computers for like 3 hours watching the swim! Unfortunately we couldn’t stream the last hour due to rain but Chris did shoot some video of me getting to the Pismo Pier. I think as far as technological experiments at sea go this was a total success!

As a side note for those of you that don’t live around here… although yesterday was a pretty rough and tumble day for a swim today looks to be way worse… it’s been raining a lot with plenty of wind. I totally lucked out that my swim wasn’t today!

11 Responses to “More 2011 Pismo Polar Bear Swim Coverage…”

  1. Vincent Shay says:

    Video was cool, Rob. I like the Live Streaming Idea. I actually saw you leaving Port yesterday on my way to the office. Right on!

  2. patty says:

    Really stoked for you. Congratulations!

  3. Rob D says:

    thanks guys, it was a very gratifying swim for me!

  4. Lorraine says:

    I watched the Live Stream with amazement. Wow! What a swim!

  5. Manuel A. Rodriguez says:

    Why did i watch these videos????? WHY??? I knew beforehand what would happen to me!!! I’m freakin’ hyped now and want to hit the open water right now!!! Awesome!

  6. Danilu says:

    great footage! congrats Rob!

  7. Joanne says:

    you looked like you could have done 10 more miles! What a great swim!

  8. Lynne says:

    Someone (John Siegel) posted info about your swim on the forum section of Beginner I checked it out because of the title “One badass polar bear”. Wanted to find out who could be any more badass than you and then it turned out to be your swim.

  9. Rob D says:

    Lynne thanks for posting that… that’s pretty funny :)

  10. Rob, you’re amazing. I get cold just thinking about your swim. I’ll hopefully see you out in the water once it warms up a bit.

  11. Rob D says:

    Daniel – thanks, great to hear from you! I look forward to running into you at the beach again sometime soon!