Another beautiful day for a swim this afternoon which was good because I wasn’t feeling so good and needed a little motivation to get out of the office (besides Saturday’s impending One Hour Swim!). I’ve been having a hard time getting excited about pool swimming recently, but when it’s outdoors and the weather is like this it’s hard to say no! There were 4 of us swimming today and I got to stretch out in my own lane which is always a bonus.

8 x 100 free @ 2:00

200 dolphin kick on back
8 x 25 fly drill @:45
4 x 25 fly @:45

200 flutter kick on back
8 x 50 free @:50
4 x 50 free descending @:45

500 yards of random swimming (was supposed to be 6 x 150 pull)

2600 yards

I popped out a little bit early today because I had a project sitting on my desk at work that I had to go do something about, but I still got in like 95% of the workout. I liked that we had some fly built in there today, I’m anticipating a lot of it between here and SCY nationals since Mike is aiming for the 200 fly this year! Maybe I’ll have to swim it too… we’ll see :)

In other news… I’m now officially Red Cross certified in CPR and First Aid! 100% on all my tests, look out! The classes were pretty decent but didn’t really go far enough for me. My Army first aid training was far more hands on and practical, but they also had days at a time to make us do it over and over and over again. I think I want to go back and get some Lifeguard training and maybe a more advanced first aid class. I just want to feel like if something bad happened at the beach I could make a meaningful difference in the outcome by knowing what to do while waiting for the pros to show up. The basic classes were a good start, but I wouldn’t mind being a little more competent in this area.

From here I’ve got plans to hit a CVMM workout tomorrow night and then do the USMS One Hour Swim with them on Saturday Morning. Since I’ll be in SoCal anyways… I’m going to spend the night in Orange Country and get in a Sunday morning ocean swim with some of my Laguna Beach open water friends!

3 Responses to “Getting Ready for a Watery Weekend”

  1. Gords says:

    Good idea and congrats on getting CPR/First Aid. I say go for it on the LGT!

    My Grandma told me about this accident that happened on American Falls Reservoir last year and the principles taught in LGT would have prevented 4 grown men from dying ->

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks Gords… I’m going to email the local red cross today to see what the Lifeguard schedule is since the classes aren’t posted online yet. What I really want to do is get beach lifeguard certified, but I don’t think I can get the training without actually trying to apply for the job

    That story link you posted is a heartbreaker… 4 guys that couldn’t swim lost trying to save each other in water, good reminder to figure out if you have adult friends that can’t swim and then to go teach them!

  3. IronMike says:

    How funny! I’m doing my one hour swim tomorrow, too! Good luck! I’m aiming for 3500. We’ll see.