I took a few days off after my big Polar Bear Swim to relax (minus a big workout consisting of 100m swim and 25 minutes in the hot tub on Sunday), but I started to get back to work this afternoon. I’m still in contemplation mode as far as what my next big goal swim is, but I know it’s going to be long so I better start swimming!

Today wasn’t a big workout but we worked the main set pretty hard. Gotta have those shorter intense days interspersed in the week right? We were 5 swimmers deep today and nobody really had a plan so I made up a set after we did our stock warm up. It’s fair to say it was met with a little hesitation… you know the set is a good one when everyone stalls for a second but doesn’t want to be the first one to complain about it :) I think everybody liked it once they were done though, if you’re only going to swim 2200 yards you might as well make it worth it! I just liked that I got to do strokes other than freestyle just to move my joints in new directions.

200 swim
200 kick
200 swim

4 X 100 Kick with Fins @ 1:45

Repeat x 2
4 x 50 IM Order @ 1:00
2 x 100 IM @ 1:45
200 IM @ 3:30

2200 yards total

The intervals were a little loose to give everybody a chance to make it and most of us held together through the set. i would have liked to do one more round but we didn’t really have the time. I think starting next week we’ll have actual workouts planned for here through SCY Nationals in Mesa. We’ve got some people interested so Mike planned out the next few months for us to get prepped.

double mustache... it's like a double rainbow but far less desirable

In other news… thank you to everybody that has shared my polar bear swim story on their blogs and facebook pages, sent me congratulations, watched today’s Morning Swim Show segment, and made donations! I’m totally bowled over at how much good coverage the swim got, and as an added bonus it gave me a chance to do some good in my neighborhood. We raised what’s looking to be about $1500+ for the SLO Food Bank! You can still donate through Friday if you’re so inclined. I’m pretty stoked that on top of locals donating I’ve had dollars come from Washington State, Chicago, New York, and even Moscow! I think there’s a very real possibility this swim will go down again next year but I’ll have a little company :)

And randomly… I’m looking for a surfboard… I want to learn how to ride this year so if anybody has a lead on a cheap (like sub $300) used board that large gentleman/beginner appropriate in the central coast area I’d appreciate it! As long as it’s reasonably solid and I don’t have to fix anything I’m in, don’t care if it’s ugly as long as it works!

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