looks awful right? :p

I made it to Santa Maria today for just my 2nd pool workout there of the month! Work, meetings, and other random things have conspired against me and my lunchtime pool swims. I was pretty excited about going to swim today because it’s so ridiculously nice here still. All sun and no clouds!

At the door I ran into a bit of a snag, my membership card had expired! Nooooo… The good news is that this pool is the best deal in town, it only costs $50/year for an adult lap swim pass. That’s $4.17 a month people, I hope the city never catches on to how cheap that annual pass is. The available hours aren’t all that great for a lot of people, but it’s just right for me and my lunchtime swim excursions.

Our workout was pretty good today. Beyond just swimming we did a lot of catching up between sets since some of us haven’t seen each other in over a month.

200 mixer
200 1 arm fly drill
200 kick on back

3 x 50 dolphin kick on back @ 1:15
8 x 25 fly drill @ :45

3 x 100 kick w/ board
8 x 50 free @ :50

Repeat x 3
50 back @:10 rest
50 back to breast @:10 rest
50 breast @:10 rest
150 swim @:10 rest

2550 yards total

I felt a little odd in the pool. Almost all my time in water this month has been salt water so the taste of chlorinated water was a little weird for me. I can still smell it on me too… that’s my indicator of whether I’ve been out of the pool too long, the ability to smell chlorine on my person… if I’m swimming a lot I just always smell that way :)

After work I ran up to San Luis Obispo for a Red Cross CPR class. I passed my tests with 100%, yay! I’m going to do a few Red Cross certification classes this week. As someone that spends as much time around the ocean and races as I do it just seems like a logical and responsible thing to go do. If you’ve got a little time I’d recommend you guys to do the same… especially when you’re around water you never know when bad things might strike, best to be ready!

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