This weekend has been pretty amazing in the weather department here at my place… condolences to my midwestern friends and family covered in snow at the moment. I think one of my favorite parts of living on the Central Coast is that it has a complete disregard for seasons and can serve up a random piece of summer at any time.¬†We were pushing like 80 degrees at the beach and the skies were perfectly clear. The water was a chilly 55, but super smooth with no surf to speak of at all.

I met up with Niel and Sylvia on the beach and then followed Niel out onto the pier to get the water temp and see what was going on out in the ocean. There wasn’t much sea life moving about, a few birds off towards the Poly pier and that was about it. While we were getting ready on the beach to go swim it was hot enough that I was getting a little sweaty even! Although that’s nice for after a swim it does kind of give your body false hope on the way into the ocean. My¬†acclimatization process was not rapid today!

Once I finally convinced myself to start swimming I did my best to hustle and catch up with Niel, he’d been floating at the buoy line for a little while at this point. When I got there we negotiated out the first part of our swim, down to Fossil Point. It was a good day for it since the water was so flat, no real chance of a wave tossing you at a rock or anything. We made one stop at the end of the buoy line to regroup briefly and then made our way to the point.

The view down there was pretty epic and we hung out for a little while figuring out where to go next. Niel suggested the tip of the pier and I was game for that. This stretch was a pretty long unbroken chunk of swimming, maybe 7-800m, which gave me a chance to focus on my stroke. I tried to pay attention to where my left arm was going and where I was keeping my head.

At the end of the pier we had a whole bunch of people staring out at us, they weren’t totally sure what to think of two random dudes that far out in the water who had come from points unknown. One came and talked to us later by the showers to let us know she was super impressed with our crazy person-ness :). While we were at the pier we decided to keep going for a while and swim to the creek buoy then follow the buoy line back to the pier.

The water temps on the north side of the pier were really patchy. You get the occasional “hot” patch which was pretty glamorous but then you’d pay it back with a really really cold patch. I have no idea why just this side of the pier would be so variable in temperature, but those warmer patches were definitely welcome.

Since the water was so flat today we swam back under the pier to get to the same spot that we started from. I took the opportunity to play marine biologist on the way through… I had seen some big starfish from up on the pier earlier and wanted to see them a little more close up. I found a nice big orange one and snapped a few pics. Pretty cool huh?

After our swim I went back to my neighborhood for some lunch and then trekked up to Go For It Sports in Atascadero to stock up on some goggles. They carry my favorite Blueseventy Element goggles and I wanted some fresh pairs for upcoming swims. I’m working out the final details on a 10k from Avila Beach to Pismo Beach for the 1st… more on that should be coming this week!

On my way home I had to drive past the 50m pool in SLO so I figured why not stop in for a little bit right? I had my bag in the truck still so all my gear was with me. I put on my cold, wet and salty swimsuit and decided to swim about two grand to round out my day.

200 swim
200 kick
200 pull

500 swim

4 x 100 kick with fins alt kick on back and with board

500 swim

2000m total

Nothing too exciting, but a good cap to the day! I’ll probably be back up there tomorrow for some more long course action.

2 Responses to “Who Needs Summer When December is Like This?”

  1. Gords says:

    Lots of really good pics today. My son wants to move to Cali for the Table Tennis. I want to move to Cali for the ocean swims. What a fantastic place!

  2. Rob D says:

    Thanks! I can’t take too much credit though, it’s pretty easy to take good pictures when you’re dealing with an abundance of natural beauty :)