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You all may have noticed it’s raining a bit and whenever it rains in California it’s pretty much the end of the world. Normally I don’t mind a little weather, I don’t like it, but being a native Wisconsinite I know it could be much much worse. This series of storms is crapping me out though. Today was the first day I’ve seen the sun in a while and that was just bits and pieces through the clouds. The part that really sucks though is the ocean is pretty much closed for business at the moment. So much rain has come down that it’s overpowered sewer systems and flushed a lot of¬†excreme… er, let say “excitement” into local waters,¬†yuck. They’re advising people avoid the ocean until like Sunday. So all this killed this past weekend’s swim and the ocean swim I wanted to get in today. I really hope Sunday is swimmable, well that and I hope someone else comes out to swim with me! I really need some ocean time to get ready for this 10k I’ve got in the very near future.

Tonight I got myself out to swim at Kennedy for a while. I went early enough that things were set up for SCM and the rain came back as I was driving up. It was pretty cold on deck and the rain itself was really frosty, the pool however was nice and toasty. Although I don’t like rain very much I do like the feeling of cold rain on my bald head while swimming in a warm pool… it’s odd but pleasant :)

I hopped in and swam until they started to move the bulkhead back to LCM. I showed up with no real plan so I defaulted to a favorite short course set and repeated for as long as I could. I would have stayed in longer and knocked out a few more rounds but they kinda stole my wall!

200 swim
200 kick
200 IM

10 x 50 kick with fins @ 1:00

Repeat x 4
25/50/75/100 @~:10-:15 rest (the last 100 of the last round was fly)

50 easy

2150 meters total

Afterwards I got in some quality hot tub time before finding my way in to SLO for some dinner and last minute shopping. Word on the street is my Santa Maria pool is opening back up tomorrow so hopefully I can get in a swim with my friends there Thursday and maybe even Friday if they’ll be open!

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