the FINIS Foil Monofin

I got an exciting package today at the office from FINIS with one of their new all rubber Foil Monofins in it. The Foil doesn’t really hit the streets until late January, but I got my hands on one a little early to try out. As a monofin enthusiast I was pretty stoked about this! I’m told when they start to sell them they’re going to be yellow! I might have to buy an extra one later just for the color :)

Anyways… despite the wind and rain and cold I had to go to the pool tonight to check it out! I swam about 300m of my warm up with it on to get a feel for it. The first thing that I found real exciting is how easy it is to get on compared to the normal fiberglass bladed monofins. I could get this on in under 20 seconds where my shooter monofin requires a minute or two to get into. The other bonus is no sharp edges to worry about, you could stuff a whole bunch of people in the same lane with these things on and nobody is going to get hurt if there’s a collision between a blade and a swimmer. While swimming there’s a definite difference in the feel and feedback you get from the rubber blade. It’s not as powerful but it still generates plenty of speed and works your muscles pretty hard. I put it back on later in my workout, and I’m still exploring how I feel about it all. First impressions are I dig it and I think at the price point (about $60) this could end up being pretty popular. I’ll have to bring both of my monofins to the pool to do a little side by side test sometime in the near future…

The rest of my workout was pretty uneventful. I had music going for the whole thing and intermittently I’d get waves of the sound of big cold rain drops landing on my bald head.

300 swim
300 w/ monofin

500 free
2 x 250 free
10 x 50 random… some w/ monofin, some just kick, some stroke…
500 free

2600m total

After my workout I stopped at the grocery store and was reminded of why I’m never tasked with shopping for the household… I left with tortilla chips, cake, donuts, ice cream, pretzels, mini-donuts, and a pack of gum… haha, whoops. Note to self, don’t go to the grocery store immediately after working out.

2 Responses to “Foil-ed”

  1. Sully says:

    A sane man can only make one assumption…you already had salsa at home?

  2. Rob D says:

    haha… actually no… I think dipping chips in salsa would constitute cooking and that’s not allowed in my house :p