It was a nice sunny day for a swim in Santa Maria today. Mike was fresh back from coaching at SCY Nationals in Ohio (one of his kids is the 18 and under 200 fly national champ!) and hadn’t swam since before Thanksgiving so today’s workout was pretty laid back. We hung out on deck a little longer than what was really necessary to figure out what we’d swim today… eventually Dani joined us and we finally got things under way.

Dani is rocking a custom camo Rob Aquatics suit! Rad!

12 x 50 @ :55

4 x 150 kick w/ fins @ 2:45

8 x 100 free @ 1:30

2000 yards total

I was definitely feeling my late night swim from yesterday, but it was all muscle soreness no grindy joints. I think I’ve finally got that all the way out of my system. This Thursday is pretty much my last shot to swim in this pool until after Christmas I think. They’ve got a sign up letting us know it’s closing next Monday until the 22nd, but then it’s closed through the holiday too. Lame. I’m going to have to convince Niel that he needs to do some bonus ocean swimming in the next couple weeks for lunch :)

boo... all kinds of down time coming up at my Santa Maria pool

4 Responses to “Easy Tuesday Swim”

  1. Gords says:

    At least the sign doesn’t say “Sorry (or We apologize) for the inconvenience”. I hate that. Why don’t they just say something like “Screw you”, or “We suck” at the end. At least that would get a laugh instead of being bitter and disappointed.

  2. Rob D says:

    I like that, “Screw You We’re Closed!” Not sure it’ll catch on with the city though :)

    I’m just excited that I actually noticed it… there’s been more than a few instances where I drove the 25 minutes down there to swim only to find out it’s randomly closed, that’s never fun.

  3. Niel says:

    Rob – The beach is closed only by a lack of will (or guys in gray suits). Let’s hit the suds.

  4. Rob D says:

    Niel – and the admission is free! alright! I’ll email you to figure out some swims :)