since I swam in the dark & some fog tonight, here's a totally unrelated picture from lunch in Pismo today :)

I made my first trip in a long time to the 50m pool at the Kennedy Club Fitness up in San Luis Obispo. Once my open water season got underway this year this pool pretty much fell off my schedule. I think we’re going to be making up for a lot of lost time the next couple months! I wrote up a 5000m workout after work and promptly proceeded to wonder if I’d actually do all that by myself. It’s been a while since I’ve done much swimming solo and a really long time since I’ve gone that far in a pool as opposed to a large wall-less body of water of some sort.

I got the the pool a little before 7pm and things were pretty sparse. It was dark, there was some major fog action going on and each lane had one person in it. I spent some time on deck trying to figure out the lay of the land and pick somebody to split with. I ended up going with the far lane, my guy only lasted 50 more meters after I got in so that was helpful. The other 4950m I had the entire lane to myself, score!

I started with a fairly long warm up and then transitioned into my long course ladder of doom! For whatever reason I like to do ladders in 50m pools, maybe because I can actually count over 200m without forgetting where I am in a long course pool :) When I started the ladder I threw on my Finis SwiMP3 to help get me through it. I was accompanied by some mid 80′s Metallica for those 2500m which was helpful at keeping me in the water by myself that long. Keeping consistent with my open water swimming I did take a little feed after the 500. At this point my body expects some calories if I swim past a certain time/distance. I had a gel packet in my mesh bag that did the job and then I got back to work.

After my ladder and a little pile of 100′s I finished up with a handful of fast 50′s (3 free and 1 fly) and worked pretty hard on them. No idea how fast I was going though because the fog was too thick to see any of the pace clocks.

200 swim
200 kick
200 IM

10 x 50 kick w/ fins @:10 rest

100/200/300/400/500/400/300/200/100 all free @:10-15 rest

10 x 100 alt kick and swim by 100 w/ fins

4 x 50 fast @1:00 rest

200 cruise

5000 meters total

I’m thinking I need to add like 3 trips to this pool a week to help me build up to bigger things this next year. Right now I’m thinking Monday, Thursday, Friday nights to go with my Tuesday/Thursday lunch swims and the Sunday ocean swim. We’ll see how well I really stick to that, but I’m cautiously optimistic :) Tomorrow I’ll be in the water in Santa Maria for lunch.

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