Now that it’s Christmas gift buying go time I figured I should put together some swimmer shopping assistance for those of you in need of some ideas! If you see anything you like below click on it to find out more and where to buy it!

***As an added bonus I have a few discount codes specially for my readers!***

Splish has set me up with a 15% off discount code: ROBAQUATICS but it’s only good until December 6th so if you want anything from Splish hurry up and get a deal while you can!!!

Finis also gives Rob Aquatics readers 20% off their orders with the code: ROBAQUATICS09

Rob Aquatics Swimsuits!!!

don't worry ladies, we've got women's suits too!

So what I’ve been hearing is that the must have swimmer gift this year is a Rob Aquatics swimsuit… it’s pretty much the Tickle Me Elmo of banana hammocks so it’s entirely possible people will be lined up around the block to try and get their hands on one of these in time for the holiday so it’s best you buy yours online now!

well that's one way to wear it :)

*some of the facts above may be slightly incorrect but it doesn’t mean I don’t WANT them to be true :)

Custom Suits

Splish Custom Suit Builder

With the demise of the tech suit I think the coming year is going to see the upsurgence of the custom suit. I predict custom suits will be all the rage. I’m obviously a huge fan… why pay $200 for a jammer when you can spend well under $100 and put your name on your ass? Am I the only one that sees this? I’ve been slowly converting my friends to the idea. Just wait, by summer all the cool kids will have custom gear. I get all my stuff made by Splish, as far as I’m concerned they’re officially the coolest suit company in the world. The suits are well made and the pricing is pretty good for custom printed attire.

Obnoxious Swimsuits

If you’re not going to go custom you might as well go obnoxious. Dolfin and Splish in particular make a lot of colorful and exciting things, even TYR has a few fun suits out there. If you ever want to butter me up an exciting swimsuit is a good way to start… I’m a 36 btw :)

Waterproof Cameras

I’ve been a little star crossed in the waterproof camera department lately, yet I still love them. I’ve killed a Pentax Optio W80 and W90 and an Olympus Stylus Tough. My Panasonic Lumix just showed up on Friday. Of them I like the Pentax cameras and so far I like the Lumix but it’s longevity is yet to be seen.

Mesh Swim Bags

Everybody needs a new one of these… if you don’t think you do go grab yours and smell it, it’s probably awful.

Shark Shield

I’m yet to see one of these in person and I don’t know if they actually work, but being a regular swimmer in a sharky part of the Pacific I kinda want one!

Swim Vacation

Seven days, six nights aboard a fully-crewed trimaran sailing yacht in the British Virgin Islands? …um, yes please! The Swim Vacation folks will feed you, take you swimming, teach you open water stuff and let you play with the toys they’ve got on their boat. It sounds like pretty much the best week ever. I’m going to keep putting this on my list until somebody buys me one! Please? Anybody? :)
Waterproof Music Players
Of the ones I’ve tried I like the Finis SwiMP3 best. I have a hard time keeping ear buds in my ears which makes traditional in ear players less than ideal for me. The SwiMP3 rests on your temples and projects the sound into your noggin via bone conduction. It sounds like it would be weird, but it works very well.

Gu Stuff for Longer Swims

I’ve tried a few different brands of energy gels and my favorite has turned out to be Gu. I like the strawberry Gu, pineapple Roctane, strawberry and watermelon Chomps, and the Gu Brew. On my 12.6 mile swim I alternated between Chomps and Gu packets for my nutrition and it worked out pretty good for me.

Nice Water Bottles

All my water bottles have come free in goody bags at races, but most of them kind of suck because, well they were free. I learned about Polar Bottles via my friend Karen Rogers and bought one a couple weeks ago, so far I dig it and might need to go purchase it some new friends. They’re a little different because they’re insulated and keep your stuff colder longer than a regular plain bottle.

Go Swim DVDs

You can never go wrong with stuff from Go Swim. They consistently turn out really good DVDs for those of you looking to improve your swimming technique. You can review the whole lineup here. I highly recommend the Freestyle with Fran Crippen DVD, lots to learn there.

An Offer to Crew, Kayak, or Support a Future Swim in Some Way

If you’re broke this one will be a winner, trust me :) If you’re friends with an open water swimmer there’s a good chance they’ll really really really need your help to pull off a swim sometime in the future. Cut them off at the pass and offer up your services early. Whether it’s kayaking on training swims or mixing bottles on the boat while they’re grinding out a channel crossing it will be hugely appreciated. Although most marathon and ultramarathon swims are solo events they’re really team efforts. Make an IOU coupon for future open water support services, it might not cost anything but it’s a highly valuable gift any swimmer would appreciate!

3 Responses to “2010 Swimmer Xmas Ideas”

  1. Joanne says:

    What can I say Rob, “You are the man!”. Please don’t wear the thong suit tho!

  2. IronMike says:

    Dude, thanks for the tip re:Splish. Buying a suit with my name on my ass right now!

  3. Rob D says:

    Joanne – I don’t have the thong suit right now, but I can’t make any promises :p

    Mike – Awesome! You’ll have to take some pics of you with your Splish suit out and about in Moscow!