why hello there

So I’m staying a couple of nights at the Shore Cliff Lodge in Pismo Beach this week as a mini in town vacation. We’ve got a sweet ocean front room with epic views of the local coastline. Fantastic reminder of why I live here :) Being that I am working this week I haven’t gotten much time to enjoy all this hotel-y goodness in the daylight so I traded my usual Thursday Santa Maria workout for a hotel pool workout. Surprisingly the pool at my hotel is pretty decent! Not made for lap swimming, but it does happen to overlook the Pacific Ocean so I can forgive a lot based on just that :)

So really not much all that swimmerly to report here, just wanted to share a little of the wonderfulness that is Pismo Beach with you all :)

preparing for upwards of 100m of swimming, bubble ring blowing and handstands

view from my room of the Pismo Pier

2 Responses to “Staycation Hotel Pool Workout!”

  1. Sheila says:

    You live in/near Pismo Beach? I am so jealous. My favorite coastline city north of L.A. Heck, maybe my favorite on all the West Coast. We live in L.A. County and when we drive up/down the coast (usually to Santa Cruz where my daughter attends UCSC or San Fran area where we have family) we always try to stop in Pismo on the drive back. We love the Cracked Crab restaurant, but even more we like to take a walk along the pier/beach area. We were last there this past June and as we walked back in from the pier we saw a submerged sea lion swimming parallel to the shore at about the breaking waves, from one side of the pier, under the pier and a ways out the other side. My hubby and daughter did not think it was a sea lion as I said. But it did surface eventually and indeed it was. Looks like a nice place you stayed and a nice in-town vacay.

  2. Rob D says:

    ack, sorry I totally missed this comment! I must have been overly distracted with leaving for New York!

    But yes, I live in that 5 Cities area that includes Pismo Beach. We have a bunch of small towns pressed together in a way that only the locals really know which one they’re in at any given time and even they’re not always sure. I love it here. It’s not always the most convenient place to live, but there’s no smog, no traffic, and it’s beautiful here year round. Can’t get mad at that!