And we’re back to the pool… it’s been a while since I’ve been to Santa Maria to workout at the pool there and after my New York cold water adventure weekend I was a little worried about my aching shoulder. The icy goodness of the Atlantic did a good job of dulling the pain in there but this pool is nice and sunny and normally temperatured so I knew I wasn’t going to get the same analgesic assistance from it. Surprisingly I came out ok. A little sore but not in a grindy real damage kind of way. Phew.

Our workout was pretty short and mellow. A long warm up with a short set with a little bit of fast stuff in it. I felt pretty good to (try) to go fast seeing as I’ve been in that long distance gear so much recently.

600 reverse IM kick/drill/swim by 50

6 x 100 IM kick @ :15 rest

8 x 50 alt. easy fast by 50 @ 1:00
100 free IM easy

8 x 25 alt easy fast by 25 @ :40
100 cool down

2000 yards total

After our workout we had some serious business to attend to… namely how many somersaults can we do underwater in a row? Here’s my go at it…

I was victorious with 6, but I don’t feel so confident in my position atop the somersault standings… with a little work I think Mike could take me. I’m sure (and/or hope) there’s some kind of swim drill value to all of this… I need to get a hold of Glenn at GoSwim to see if he can make me a video on the finer points of underwater somersaulting ┬áto help me squeeze out a few more to widen my lead over the other kids at the pool :)

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