guess who has 2 thumbs and no working cameras... >this guy<

Although it was super foggy at my office by the beach I got a nice sunshine infusion down in Santa Maria at the pool. We were 5 swimmers deep today and the workout basically consisted of a really long warm up and then a little (attempted) sprinting. I figure the “sprinting” portion was good for me since I’m going to have at least one or two days of racing in the pool this weekend. I need to rediscover that short swim spark between here and Saturday. If today’s efforts were any indication though, I’m screwed. I think my fastest 50 was like 36 seconds… that’s not gonna do it :0

Repeat x 4
200 free
100 IM
50 Drill (one of each stroke by round)
100 kick

4 x 50 sprint @ 1:30
100 easy

4 x 25 sprint @ :45
100 easy

2300 yards total

During the workout I found out that Mike would be coaching his team up there for parts of the meet (it runs Friday to Sunday). Since he was going to be there Friday I asked if he could task a kid to count for me on the 1650 since I don’t have anyone local that would be around Friday night to do it. Generally I don’t like long distance in the pool, but I haven’t done a 1650 in a pretty long time so I figure now might be the time.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to the Central Coast Tri Club’s monthly meeting so I can hear my friend Dave VM talk about his Santa Barbara Channel swim and what he does to get ready for big endurance events like that. And so far Thursday is looking like an ocean kind of day… we’re tentatively scheduled to get wet around noon at Avila Beach if anyone is in the neighborhood and wants to come play.

2 Responses to “Searching for Sprint Muscles”

  1. Manuel says:

    That is tooo funny. I went through the same thing at the pool on Monday. I am so used to distance swimming in the ocean that when I tried to go fast in the pool…my arms just wouldn’t turn faster ha ha ha. My kick responded to the challenge and was seriously fast beat but my brain decided to split in two. One side of the brain kept telling my arms..”long smooth strokes, not too much splash, glide it out, conserve energy”. The other side of the brain was saying “What are you freakin doing?!! This is a 50 pool sprint you moron!” Ha ha ha I wish I could have video taped that struggle from the pool deck. That 50 felt so awkward and must have been hilarious from a viewers point!

  2. Rob D says:

    I’m glad someone else is feeling my pain on this one… as long as I can shift gears a bit this weekend I’ll be ok… and even if I can’t it’ll still be fun, just not as fast as I might want :)