taking a break on the Pismo Pier

It had to happen eventually… I got back on the bike today. It was only a 12 mile shot out through Oceano up to the Pismo Pier and home, but that’s the most cycling I’ve done in over a year. I used to ride a lot, but as I got deeper into swimming I always had a swim meet coming or something that I didn’t want to hurt myself in advance of and eventually I just fell out of the habit. I’ll never be a stud competitive cyclist, but I do like to have that in my exercise┬árepertoire. Being outside with the wind in my beard is never a bad thing :)

prepared for 2 wheeled adventure!

After lunch I geared up with some non bike short looking bike shorts and my favorite Fat Cyclist jersey (Fatty is my favorite bike blogger). I’m also a nerd and have one of those rear view mirror thingies you can hang off your glasses. My bike (a Specialized TriCross, I’m not cool enough for a real road bike) was all nice and ready to go since I had it tuned up a week or two ago in anticipation of this actually happening.

trying to remember where my feet go...

I had a loose idea of where I wanted to go. I figured I’d cruise out through the farm fields a bit and then aim for the beach via Highway 1. I felt pretty ok on my way out to the farm-ier portions of Oceano. Pedaling was easy, it’s always my elbows and um… seat region that end up hurting when I ride. I spent those first few miles dodging mud clumps and other agricultural excitement. The air was pretty thick with the smell of broccoli or something like that, but the sun was shining and the traffic was light so I can’t complain too much.

agri-tastic excitement at every turn!

Highway 1 gets you back to civilization and the beach!

Things get a little hilly after you cruise through the flat farmland of O-town. Nothing too bad, but for my out of bike shape self it was harder than it really should have been. Once I got all the way up to Grand Avenue, which is where you can drive up onto the beach and my preplanned possible bailout point, I decided to keep going until I was actually in Pismo. I had some bonus miles in me.

Since it’s Monarch season in Pismo I made a stop at the grove where they congregate in big numbers. All kinds of other people were out there checking them out today too. This is one of those things that happens here every year that you kind of forget about when you’re just driving by. That’s another reason I like riding my bike, I can slow down and stop and check it out real quick!

hey look a butterfly!

...and 150 more!

From here I rode the rest of the way into town and down to the pier. The water was a little choppy and there weren’t too many surfers out. There were plenty of tourists and Christmas decorations out today though!

on the Pismo Pier

From here I cruised on home. My little cyclo-puter tells me it was around 12 miles which is a good enough start. Even when I was riding a lot the most my body would tolerate was 35-40 miles. Beyond that my back, butt, and various other body parts start to protest loudly even though my legs would keep going if I let them.

map of today's ride

Now I’m off to eat large amounts of mashed potatoes and anything else that I can get my hands on over at my mom’s house :) I hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving!

3 Responses to “Reacquainting Myself with Bikes for Turkey Day”

  1. Sheila says:

    Sometimes discomfort in the seat area can be alleviated or lessened by getting a better bike saddle. Saddle shopping is kind of tricky, but you should be able to find shops that will let you “test ride” their saddles before buying. I spent about 3 months this past summer trying out saddles and the one I ended up buying, while not perfect, was much better than the others including the one I replaced. I can now ride about 50-ish miles without too much discomfort and no pain. Before I had pain after about 30-ish miles.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Wow, looks like a gorgeous place for a ride!

    A kind bike shop allowed me to take home and test three saddles and return any. For me, the least expensive one (about $50) was more comfy than the $150-saddle. Go figure. (It’s an ARS saddle, butt-friendly.) Also, I had a bike fitting with a specialist a couple of years ago; took hours and cost about $300, but I feel at ease on my bike.

    But, hey, even with chamois butter and padded shorts, who’s rear doesn’t feel some bother after a couple of hours of riding?

  3. Rob D says:

    thanks for some bikerly insight… I’ll have to get with some of my local tri-friends and see if they can’t help me out. I figure even the best saddle is going to give me some problems… something about balancing 220 pounds on like 4 square inches of seat is never going to be completely comfortable :/