tools of the trade... fins, kickboard and bottle

It was just me and my buddy Jason in the pool today. Not sure where everybody else was, even though it was chilly this morning it was plenty nice at the pool by lunch. I was there first and started with our stock warm up, he got in with me about half way through.

Once it became apparent we were going to be the only dudes there we figured we had to come up with our own workout. After a little kick set we went with an old standby… 25/50/75/100 on a big interval. It’s a sneaky set, it starts easy and has potential to get pretty hard if you give it a chance to. I did parts of round 4 butterfly, but not as much of it as I should have.

200 swim
200 kick
200 IM

10 x 50 kick w/ fins @ 1:00

Repeat x 4 build through each round
25 @ :30
50 @ 1:00
75 @ 1:30
100 @ 2:00

2600 yards total

In other news… my Pentax Optio W90 came back from warranty repair land. It had glitched out on me in a pretty rapid fashion and I had to send it away for some love. Hopefully after our little false start it turns out to be as good of a camera as my W80 was. Despite having 2 working waterproof cameras in hand right now I’ve been drawing a little bit still…

Start from the Swim for Equality in Malibu back in September (click for a bigger version)

I also made one for Glenn over at GoSwim that you can see on his site here, I think it’s pretty rad and he seems to agree :)

2 Responses to “Quiet Day in the Pool”

  1. IronMike says:

    Where are you in that picture? All I see are wetsuit-clad swimmers!

  2. Rob D says:

    Good eye… I’m not in that picture :) It’s based on a picture I took during a running start to an open water race so I’m behind all that