me swimming along the pier

I was back in Avila Beach today for our regular Sunday swim. I normally get there pretty early but today I made a pit stop on the way to the beach. I needed to grab a disposable waterproof camera since ALL of my (supposedly) waterproof cameras are in some state of non-function-ment. Boo. Unfortunately the place I went to drop it off after my swim didn’t offer 1 hour photo so I won’t see any of the pics I took until Monday or Tuesday. So I’ve brought back the MS Paint re-interpretation of the day’s event feature that I ran back in September. I think I’m getting better at it… hopefully I don’t have to get too good at it!

here's the battery from my Olympus Stylus (not so) Tough

Anyways… I got to the beach right on time and there were about 6 swimmers there including a new guy from Cal Poly and Sylvia who I haven’t seen in a pretty long time now. I got changed and swim-lubed up real quick and we made our way down to the water. It felt pretty decent today. Niel said it was 56 in the water, and the air temp felt really good. Just like yesterday we had lots of sun, but not much in the wave department.

Me and Sylvia were the 2 non-wetsuiters swimming today and we both took our time getting started and catching up a little bit in the surf. Once a wave rolled through that was big enough to dunk the two of us we figured it was time to get going.

getting in for our swim

I swam half way down the pier and met up with the rest of the group. One of them stayed to swim with Sylvia since they’re closer in pace, and the rest of us took off for the end of the pier. It felt nice to be out in the cold water with the hot sun on my back. At the base of the pier we hung out and talked a little bit while a fisherman on the pier gave us the stink eye for being where he wanted to cast. Once the ladies met up with us we shot towards the creek buoy.

On the swim down I followed Niel and the other guys took a different line that cut a little too far inside, but they eventually met back up with ours when they readjusted to aim for the correct buoy. From here the plan was back down the buoy line and under the pier. The water felt like it got way colder under the pier and on the other side of it. Before our swim there was some talk of maybe going a little further once we finished the initial route, but everyone was pretty much done so we swam it in.

I grabbed my fins and hopped back in to see if there was anything good to surf out there but the waves were mainly small and the sets spaced pretty far apart. I got a handful of ok waves but nothing quite as fun as what I had yesterday. I wasn’t so sad about this though… I was still at the beach on a nice sunny day… in November! Regardless of what went down I had already won :) I hung out on the beach with some of the other swimmers for a while drying off in the sun and talking about the potential of a far away swim next year.

Once everybody was ready to split I packed up my truck and grabbed some lunch in town before driving down to SLO Coast Kayaks in Port San Luis for some paddling. Since there wasn’t much wind I decided to go Stand Up Paddle boarding. I rented a 12 foot board and paddled out into the bay.

paddle boarding with the sea lions

I’m getting better at balancing on an SUP, no falls and not much wobbling… still can’t go all that straight though. I found a few of those sea otters I saw the last time I was kayaking are still hanging around out in the same spot. I kept moving and found myself along the edge of a forming bait ball. The birds were diving like crazy and plenty of sea lions were cruising the outsides. I didn’t want to get too close to everybody eating so I turned out away from the beach. On my way I saw a big gang of sea lions jumping and playing next to a boat. I knelt down on the board and just watched them for a while. Once a big guy not connected to that group came up behind me and started barking I figured it was a not so subtle hint to move along.

I was kind of tired so I didn’t stay out too long. Maybe 30-40 minutes. Just long enough to enjoy myself and say hello to the locals I share the ocean with a couple days a week. I find it kind of interesting that I haven’t seen a seal or sea lion out where we swim in quite a while but there’s so many on the other side of the Poly pier. All told it was a good day spent in one of my favorite places… hopefully when my pictures come back I’ll have a few winners to share and show off how nice it really was in a way that doesn’t involve MS Paint!

5 Responses to “Ocean Swim and Some Stand Up Paddling”

  1. Chris Norman says:

    Love the pictures!

  2. Sheila says:

    Pretty dang good artwork and a nice Sunday ocean adventure. :)

  3. Rob D says:

    Thanks! Maybe I should stop taking pictures and just start illustrating my posts… If nothing else it would be cheaper :)

  4. CCSUP says:

    Those SUP boards (Liquid Shredder) they have there are great for renting and trying out your first few times, but with their fin configuration, design, and construction are a bit limited. A much larger single center fin greatly aids in tracking, or “going straight!” Come out to Morro Bay and try a high quality board, set up for either surfing or flat water paddling, and you will be amazed at the difference!


  5. Rob D says:

    I don’t end up in Morro Bay too often, but I saw you guys in the New Times and have been planning on dropping in to see the shop the next time I’m in the neighborhood. Now that I’m a little better at balancing on a board I’m definitely interested in trying out a nicer one to see how it goes.