I deem this experiment a success

Now that Wednesday night swims are gone until next year I’ve been lobbying for a lunchtime ocean swim during the week so I can still get in a second ocean swim each week. Niel decided to give it a shot and come out with me today. It’s to be determined how this worked out in regards to his day, but for me it was absolutely perfect. I got in a decent swim and managed to get back to work on time. Now to sell a few more people on it… there’s gotta be a few folks that swim with us sometimes who want to play in the ocean for lunch right? I’ll be campaigning this Sunday afternoon at our regularly scheduled swim :)

yeah this doesn't suck for November

I got out to the beach around 11:45 today and Niel’s stuff was in our spot but he wasn’t. I figured he was out getting the water temp so I worked on getting into my swimsuit. Today I was rocking my camo RobAquatics suit. Some of you may have noticed a brown and green zebra stripe suit in my Coney Island 5k pictures, well I have a camouflage one too :) After I signed up for the Veteran’s Day 5k in New York I emailed Splish to do a special edition Rob Aquatics Army suit with my last name stenciled on the front. I think they came out pretty awesome!

my gear for today... Splish Rob Aquatics Camo Suit, Cibbows Cap, and B70 Element Goggles

Anyways… drag suit couture aside… Niel came back with 56.5 degrees. Only 2 degrees warmer than Brooklyn! Luckily the air temperature was up about 25 degrees :) It was a fantastically gorgeous day in Avila. The visibility was way above average… no fog, no clouds, just sunshine. There were some really big swells rolling through further out in the ocean but the waves that were actually breaking didn’t seem to match. I mean they were pretty big for Avila, may 6 feet for the biggest ones, but the swells made it look like we should have 12ers smashing through. I guess the ocean floor is shaped just right at the moment to suck a lot of the life out of the swells at the last minute.

I'm not sure what we were talking about here but it looks important :)

boogie boarder contemplating how to get out further to catch a wave

The swim out was pretty eventful. Lots of swimming up the faces of building waves in hopes of getting through before getting tossed. I met Niel outside the breakers and we aimed for the end of the pier. The water felt really good and the sun on my back was great. My left arm is still wonky though. I need to go see a sports massage person or something. I’m all tight and getting weird twitches and tingles deep in my muscles on my shoulder blade in a spot that doesn’t make any sense to me.

all smiles out past the breakers

At the end of the pier we hung out for a while and soaked in the view while the people on the pier stared out at us. Since today was a holiday for some I’m assuming we had more people than you usually would out on a Thursday afternoon at the beach. From here we headed towards the far buoy over by the creek and then turned back towards the pier along the buoy line. The swim out there was smooth but you could feel the swells speed through on their way to the beach. Every once and a while you’d be moved a few feet to either side by the water.

fellow lunchtime ocean adventurer Niel

On the swim back to the beach my goal was to find a couple waves to surf, because what is a workday without a few waves bodysurfed right? (condolences to my inland dwelling friends) It took me a couple tries to find the right one in the right spot. When I grabbed my wave I think I caught it a little too high. I didn’t quite get pitched but it felt like I would have been if I’d been just a few feet in another direction when I caught it. I rushed down and to the left a bit on the face of the wave and then got swallowed up by whitewater. I was still moving forward but I was mainly underwater… to the point I was starting to wonder if I had enough air in my lungs to ride it out. I pulled out of the wave, the ocean spun me over once and I popped up for a breath. Whooo! I love this stuff :) I went out for one more… I got a little more distance on the second one but it wasn’t as dramatic of a ride. I hope this bigger than average surf sticks around for a while… I may have to put some fins on after the Sunday swim and really go after some waves for a while.

view of the waves breaking from behind

A while back I was considering the San Diego SCM meet this weekend with a bonus trip to the cove thrown in but it’s not going to happen. My body is too beat and I need a nap. Plus my wallet probably needs a break too… my credit cards are hot to the touch from their somewhat ill advised over use during the summer. I think my next competitive adventure will be the SLO Gobbler SCY meet and maybe Pierce College SCM which are on different days of the same weekend.

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