It was pretty yucky outside today… overcast and a little drizzly, occasionally breaking out into actual rain. Although that’s a drag on most outdoor activities it’s not really a big deal for a pool swim. If anything it’s a fun little distraction. Not too many of us showed up to swim today, I think we had as many as 5 at one point. No one was super motivated but Mike wanted to have some burnt calories in the bank in advance of thanksgiving so his plan was a big pile of 200′s. He prescribed 12 of them but I skipped one to go grab something out of my locker during the set.

600 reverse IM kick/drill/swim by 50

11 x 200 @ 3:20 (1-6 free IM, 7-11 free)

2800 yards total

My brief absence from the pool was for my friend and newly minted Ironman Danilu. She’s in recovery mode but dropped in to say hi and tell us about her race a little. I had a congratulatory bag of gummy bears for her in my locker… she actually bakes the rest of us things, but my culinary skills only extend as far as buying gummy bears.

Iron-Dani and I before braving the big waves and 52 degree waters of the Hueneme Splash'n'Dash earlier this summer

The rest of my week is pretty open as far as workouts go, I’m still trying to find a buddy for a turkey day and/or black Friday swim. Beyond that I’m thinking about getting back on my bike a bit for the first time in a long time, and maybe some kayaking or paddleboarding since the local rental shop is going to be open during the holiday.

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