the view of the coast from in the water is hard to beat!

Thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday my normal schedule has been a little off kilter and I was out of the water from Tuesday on until today. Although I had other exerciserly excursions during the weekend on the road and on top of the water, I was really wanting to get in an actual swim. My lower body is really sore from biking and paddleboarding and some cold water on my muscles sounded like a fantastic idea. As luck would have it cold water was in stock :)

I met Niel on the beach and we had a really beautiful day waiting for us. The sun was shining, the visibility was great, there was a bit of an offshore breeze going, and the water was clean and clear. The NOAA buoy says were solidly at 54 degrees, Niel’s thermometer on the pier got 55. I’ll split the difference and call it 54.5. I’m not sure the air temp was too much warmer. We got ourselves ready to swim and hung out a little bit just in case anyone else showed up. People have it in their heads that November is a bad time to swim… we actually have some of our nicest days this time of year! Sure the water is a little chilly, but it’s still within range of the temps we saw in the middle of summer! Oh well, I’m sure they’ll catch on eventually.

wearing my CIBBOWS cap as a reminder of how much colder it could be

As we made our way to the beach there was a group of people off to the left of us that was having a hard time believing 2 dudes were about to just go swimming. They watched us get in and work on acclimating in the waves before actually taking off to swim.

inbound wave

We didn’t have too much of a plan today. The base idea was to swim to the creek buoy and then negotiate from there. We decided to continue on to the Poly Pier and then decide the next step once we got there. On the way there I kept thinking about how much easier it was to swim the distance as opposed to paddling it on Friday! While we were figuring out our next move at the pier I saw my first seal on swim in quite a while. When I wondered aloud as to why there are so many on the other side of the pier but not where we swim Niel conjectured that it’s because of the sharks on this side… ahhh things I don’t want to hear whilst in the ocean!

at the Poly pier deciding the next leg of our swim

We ended up aiming for the top of the Avila Pier and then turning down the south side of it and swimming in. As we regrouped at the top of the pier we had a small crowd watching us and yelling out some questions, that’s always kind of fun :) Question number one is almost without fail “aren’t you cold?”

On the swim back to the beach I worked on finding a wave to ride part of the way in. They weren’t too big today but they were fairly clean. The offshore breeze was blowing sheets of mist off the top of them as they broke though.

waiting for the right wave

I’m not sure when my next dip in Avila is going to be. This week is pretty busy and I won’t be able to come out during the day. This coming weekend I’ll be away at the SPMA SCM Championship meet in Long Beach where I’m going to get my ass handed to me across short distances. Hopefully once that’s set I can get back to twice a week in the ocean… especially seeing as I might have a 10k to prepare for in January :)

4 Responses to “Closing Out the Long Weekend with a Good Swim”

  1. Evan says:

    When/where is a 10K in January?

  2. Rob D says:

    this would be my own little new years day polar bear swim… I think I’ve got it 3/4 of the way figured out

  3. evan says:

    I’m going back to Chicago on NYD but maybe we can get a swim in while I’m in SB the 26th-31st.

  4. Rob D says:

    Most definitely! I’ll be working the 27th-30th, but could clear some space for a midday swim in Avila. The 26th and the 31st I wouldn’t be opposed to traveling down to SB to float around for a bit… let me know how your week ends up shaping up and we’ll make something happen!